Freshman Gala 09

TISF did it again. Finally, after tiring elections campaigns and debates the TISF was able to put forth their first ravishing event of this semester. The Freshmen GALA! Despite of all those small issues that TISF faced during the GALA, it went really well. The show was really entertainingaa and this year we had something more than the old conventional segments of GALA. Hat’s off for new TISF and for all those who were a part of the managing team. Well done boys keep it up!!

Instead of having the same old conventional segments this year we had some new ones introduced in GALA; Talent Hunt and TIP Freshmen Awards. We also had the Oath taking Ceremony of the newly elected TISF board and the TISF coordinator took the oath. The best gala3< the new comers were trying to compete each other for different tittles: MAILA – Haseeb TS1A MOUN KA FIRE – Awias TS1A FASHION DISASTOR – Dev Kumar AMM1 CLASS KA BAAP – Danish TMM1 BHARAM BAZZ – Umer Sahi, TMM1 FARIGH – Nouman AMM1 TC MASTER – Mooed TS1A TOPI MASTER – Ahsan TMM1 BEST FRESHMEN (MALE) – Shakaib AMM1 BEST FRESHMEN (FEMALE) – Faryal AMM1 For those who won keep it up and for those who didn’t win, keep trying may be the luck is on your side some day. Those who missed this event can have a glimpse of what fun they have missed (only in pictures 🙂 ) but don’t worry there’s still lot more to come, the Carnival. Don’t miss it!!!