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Sports fever has struck

Students have now become real crazy to play any sport at any place. The cafe has become a victim of their craze. Badminton and football are being avidly played in the cafe. There has been warning from our President Mr. Shakil Ahmed and Sports Secretary Arafat Tahir, but to no avail.

One Heck of a Gel!

Last week, one 3rd year students went to the hostel to take a shower. After his shower, he went to his friend’s room (looking for hair gel) he found a Nevia product with some foreign language. He assumed it to be a gel and used it in his hair. And when he told about this to his friend, he was shocked that it wasn’t a gell, but a cream for dry skin!

Mama! Where have you been?

We have a smart lot this time. From the very first batch till now, it has been a trend to rag the newcomers, but the current freshmen are revengeful and try to scare their seniors. A freshman of Saddar point was asked to act the innocent son of senior (who played his mother’s role). But don’t know what happened to the student that unexpectedly he became a beast rather than an innocent son and came running to his mother and scared her, and she jumped with a scream in the lap of her friend who was sitting right beside her! Please, you’ve got to have respect for your mother.

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