Gala Round-up: Kill that boy!!

Being the gutless person I am, I naturally respect anybody who has the courage to perform on stage, or display their vocal, or directorial talents to the behuda crowd of TIP; thus you will find barely any criticism of anybody who performed at the Freshman Gala in this article. As compared to the previous years, this time we were better off; performance as well as audience-wise. Of course, the comparison doesn’t mean much, seeing that there WAS no gala in 2005, and the 2006 disaster is not worth mentioning.


This year there were fewer technical glitches, the mini-concerts were not as ear-torturing, and the 3rd and 4th year sciences were acting semi-civilized, which was a huge surprise as well as relief.But the first year audience more than made up for the slight decency showed by their seniors, by being just as loud, derogatory and vulgar. The boy sitting in front of me in fact, was so irritating I seriously contemplated hitting him on the head with a half filled water bottle. He’s lucky to be alive. Another girl managed to irritate practically everybody in the auditorium with her constant, high pitched screaming. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Unwanted” posters with her face are plastered all over TIP in a day or so.

But anyway, the event started off with an instrumental featuring Finance Secretary Waqas Aman on the lead guitar, current stud Babar on the drums and Sarim on the keyboard. Individually each of them is brilliant, collectively they were pretty good too; and I guess one could say that about most of the songs done on Wednesday, especially Osama of TS 3’s rendition of Strings “mera bichra yaar”. His voice was natural and pleasant and the lack of dramatics made him stand out. Hijab was surprisingly missing this year and thank heavens ‘Default’ decided to do a bunk. I can’t help wishing “Rangon main” hadn’t been performed as well.

The people who brought us the very controversial ‘Girl(?) Next Door’ came up with a new production this time titled ‘Age of Empires’. Though a bit longer than it needed to be, there were two very note-worthy aspects to the play. Firstly, they actually had a real, live girl in the cast! Kudos to the brave young debutante; may you and a few others grace the stage of TIP forevermore, in place of the cross-dressing sadnesses we usually have to bear. Secondly, they were brave enough to incorporate current politics in their drama. Maybe that’s a step towards producing intelligent political satires (highly unlikely, but one can hope) that IBA, NCA and KU are so good at coming up with.

Lets see, whats left? Oh yes, the videos…well, the winner in the video category will have to be TMM 4 with their slideshow video. Simple and brilliantly done. The other videos were standard, okay fares. The first effort of TMM 1 needs to be applauded though. Technically unstable it was, but at least they did something, which is way more then what my batch did throughout our entire first year.

So that’s the wind up. The gala was, I guess, a moderate success. Thanks to the extremely loud and disruptive freshmen audience I didn’t miss last year’s graduates. In fact, let’s invite them to the next event so that we don’t get to hear or enjoy anything at all! Who’s up for that idea?








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  1. U sound depressed or ill in this writing of yours since you’re being so nice n all. I thought I’d spice it up a bit 😉

    But, worry not. I’ll be putting up more pics in the next few mins.

  2. it’s not right to be purposelessly mean! i was pretty nasty where i felt necessary. and the pictures are hideous. you’re a terrible photographer!

  3. really farhan that picture up there’s freaky,i didn’t liked the drama that much,except for the dance n musharraf part….but i must say ..miss anarkali got some guts…performing there in front of TIP crowd….

  4. farhan dear friend are you in your senses wht kind of pictures have add over here. i like the rest of it but the top isnt really good in fact its an insult of the lady up there as well . so my man my request to you is to change the pic.

  5. @Hina: The picture might look freaky because of very low light and high ISO, but the main idea of putting it up was to praise her guts to perform in front of TIP’s crowd.

    @Ahmad: Do you have a better picture to replace hers?

  6. @Hira: Why don’t you venture out in front of the stage and take good pictures instead bearing with mine?

    Secondly, I doubt if cameras have the ability to make drag look normal and modify peoples’ looks.

  7. In my view, the GALA was missing something.D’S last semester’s controversial perforamance actually brought up the audience….the drama, this time failed to grab the audience(except for the politics part and that song)…i still remember last year’s Hijaab performance in GALA was extremely well….but this time real music performance was missing!

  8. I think this gala was better, and arguably more entertaining than previous years. We don’t usually require lewd performances to bring up the audience, but then, it depends on the kind of audience we’re talking about.

    As far as Hijab is concerned, I heard they split up. I don’t really miss them. Together, they were one of the most unpracticed and unsynchronized teams I’ve seen. The singer had good, strong vocals, with potential to make it big if he got properly trained and practiced more. But then, one can never be too sure since they only had two or three pet songs that they always performed.

  9. O but scream the class of 2007 did. Just that you couldn’t hear them in the auditorium. For they were barred to enter the grounds of their self proclaimed throne.

  10. about the music performances .. i knoe thy were nt tht well organized .. dis was because abhi tak music forum is still in progress .. in a week it will be finalised phir i guess we will be in a bettr position tu give bettr music performances ..

  11. yaar abut the rangoon mein song .. you are the only person who said such harsh comments about it .. aftr readin ur comments i specially watched the video n found out that dis waz the only song on which the whole crowd was jumping up and down .. yes even the first year .. so i dont really knoe wht are u talkin abut .. plus if u dont like it i would really appreciate if you tell us y ? so tht we could improve on it rathr then saying it sucks !!

  12. yar waqas mujhse nahi poocha but I had some feedback…The main prob was in the vocals, they sounded quite even Usama doesn’t have proper training and his singing also had faults, but he managed a little better.. but vocalist(dunno name) of rangon mei had more faults n lack of offnce meant, pls dun take my criticism wrongly.

    yar fr eg like farhan said above tht when you dun have a proper trainin you need to practise 100z timez to get it close to right..playing instruments is diff n singing is diff. am not goin against ppl who liked the perfomance but jus ma view.

  13. @ hira ..

    sorry abut wht i wrote upar !! hehe .. sahe se baad mein parha hai(ur comments) n i thought i owe u an appology .. n dis quack thing is so lamee ..del bhe nahe hota … but still those of u think the performance sucked plz tell me y just tu gt a diff prospective

  14. i never said it sucked. like i mentioned in the very first line, i have absolutely no guts myself so i really appreciate anybody who goes on stage. the only problem with ‘rangon main’ was that it sounded barely practised. the music and the singing was not coordinated properly. i’m sure that if the team had had more time the result would have been much much better.

  15. @ neemz !!

    thanxx alot .. i mean dis is wht i want .. thanx for actually tellin me wht the problem was.. now let me share somethin with u. its may sound a bit technical but bear with me .. firstly abhi tak we practiced without using a mike ! can u imagine tht.. drums, guitar n the poor singer practisin without a mike so u can imagine how good our jammin session wr .. then when i stepped on stage sarim ka bass ke volume set nahe ho rahe thee cause of some problems with the instrument plus baber broke his drum set, a part of it known as the highhat .. so i guess hats off tu baber for his extra ordinary performance.

  16. about the vocals i agree with you n i was really pissed of at khajji(the vocalist) for leavin the stage before the song actually ended.. his voice is fantastic but it wz his first time on stage n tip ke crowd ke samne tu bandha waise he blank ho jata hai ..

  17. hehe…TIPs crowd – most biggest problem. waise bhi they dun deserve good performances and entertainment if they cant learn some theater etiquates or let others enjoy. jo bhi hota hai more than enuff hai unke liay lolx

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