Gender Partiality

If you thought living in a male chauvinist society was the worst thing that existed, think again. Villages and rural areas aside, it?s abominable to realize that gender partiality is encouraged in our very city, in fact, let?s not even go that far, in our very University.

It?s an agreeable fact that supervision of girls is a far greater responsibility than that of boys, and that trends and mindsets take time to change, or rather evolve. But it?s ironic that girls get to toil and strive as much, if not more, than the boys, but when it comes to campus ?curfews?, the boys get to spend the whole night as they please, and the girls have to be in their respective rooms by 10:30pm sharp.

It?s melancholic that the boys at our University are being given the apparent impression that “girls are untrustworthy”. Trust me if you dare break the code here, but you don?t need to tell them that. The majority live by the rhyme, ‘The grass is green, the sky so blue, girls aren?t credible, what can we do!

My spontaneous query here is, why not let the girls stay out all night for every alternate month while the guys get locked up in the hostel at 10:30? The issue, as I perceive it, is not the girls, but both ?boys and girls? staying out late together. Either my concept needs alteration, or the issue of ?naked partiality? needs to be giving attention.

I conclude with the hope that the girls ?breathing space? will some day be given a thorough thought.

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  1. The Girl’s Hostel gate at AKU closes at 11:30pm, and then reopens for fifteen minutes 12:30am and 2:00am to let in one coming in late from the city. There they trust their students.

  2. sIDRA . u will be right but girls need more cure . u might understand that . what i want to convey . there should be certain limits 4 da boys tooo. Its a very big responsibilty on T.I.P to handle a lot of girls in da hostels . ther r doing it very well. wat do u think .

  3. point well made sidrah…..totally agree wid u that gals should be allowed a curfew time later then 10:30 even when u need to study u gals have to take permission from the dean or the warrden thats a real downer……..i don`t know wheather you people would be allowed the timings that are being observed in AKU but there should be some kinda change in the curfew timings for sure and why don`t you people go and talk to the president about it maybe he`ll agree to your point of view and would make some logical ammendments …..

  4. ******** Well if u look ate Islam point of view Men are given more priority and respect over women so B/s devil believes and he has succeeded in getting 100% result from his activities from women but men are great in all respects as women are nontrustworthy .

    There are many examples u could believe and as short boys are good than gals and as from men so u can’t compare really There Is a HUGE difference.********

  5. Gender partiality, a hot topic for all the Tipians either Hostel residents or citizens. If I say that ‘Gender’ rules in TIP, everybody will agree with me, no matter whether its hostel or a class room, where a female gets ‘A’ grade only because of her ‘unique’ gender 😛
    Well, I totally agree with the author of this article and I hope one day will come when both boys and girls will be given equal importance. Now all you have to do is to wait for that day … I am also waiting …. :>

  6. Islam deos not alow a man to degrade a women ….as ur words reflect munawer…our society is carved as a male oriented society …but it shouldnt be ….this all can be simply proved by observing the presence of succcesfull womens in every feild nowadays…thus the talk of male domination is rediculus..realize this truth …dun be narrow minded

  7. hay munnawar, dnt bring ths fanaticism here. Islam never said tht women are inferior thn men.
    now lets come on to the topic, i m in the favor of author. but if u would b here last yr, i hope tht u wnt dare to write abt ths topic. coz couple of weeks ago i wz in some sort of discussion wth Dean. he is quite firm on the rules he imposed on hostel , & still reluctant abt the craps took place last yr.

  8. as u said sidra “supervision of girls is a far greater responsibility than that of boys” so this should b kept in mind that they are a greater responsibility. if any thing goes wrong when u people are out late whos is responsible? as far as studies are concerned u have the right to take permission to study late at the hostel cafe. plenty of things have to b kept in mind when u talk about the stayin of girls late outside. there are parents who dont allow girls to stay even for a night at the hostel. when u fight for the right for stayin late outside u will make a bad impression about the hostel management. i agree that there should b some flexibility of time but stayin very late is not advisable.

  9. So all the tipians are still hanging to the same topic . I will quote : the saying of prophet (P.B.U.H) :


    so I think there should be equal limits for both the boys and girls so that the balance remains equall .

  10. I don’t think that our university is trying to discriminate between genders. It’s hard enough to watch over the guys late night. They are jumping out the windows, playing pointless practical jokes on each other or trying to ensure that no one gets to sleep. I’m sure the girls won’t do anything of that sort but there’s a lot more that needs to be considered before letting them stay out late. Safety issues mostly!

    So instead it would be better to place a curfew on the guys too(not that it would make much of a difference), if it makes you happy. I mean, they can always jump out the windows!

    To sum up, it’s not the girls that are untrustworthy. It’s the guys who are. The girls are just the ones who suffer because it’s easier to contain them.

  11. Reading the article..I can say..the lil gal has talent to write gud and has a nice vocab..nice way of expression..but with that appreciation..also a piece of advise! Sidrah, as they say in england and world over..the glass is always greener on the other side of the lake (correct me if i am wrong) Last year (you’l be now fed up of listening to all LAST YEAR stories from my side) Shakel Ahmad Sb. opined that guys and gals at TIP are free to do what ever they want to do..cuz its a domcratic institute and..above all..all of us were big old enough to take care of themselves selves..but..the kids..sorry to say..though few of themm…didnt come to his expectations..not taking names alot of scandals were made and i personally think they did hold some truth in them..and then the managment thought of putting some bars on student must realise..what ever the TIP management is taking as decisions..for long term they are for your own gud..You must be in your teens right now..17 or 18..that was my age when i was a freshmen at TIP..but the experience of your teachers is of decades which you cant challange..khuda na khwasta..if something happens to you or yr closest of frends..then you’ll realise..they were right..magar khuda na kare woh time aye…this whole lecture is to make you REALISE..baaqi..articles well written always make me feel that at last TIP is getting some quality kids in it armoury

  12. i totally agree with u kashif …and by thw way i waited for u at my plant …… but u never turned up 🙁

  13. thanks for agreeing with me atleast this time UZI..well i cudnt come to see ya at the finsihing cuz i was busy doing some costing..wese by the way what abt spending the eid at my place..i will be alone! se we can go out for lunch or i might come at yr place kiyonki i have heard BOSSONOVA 146 cm 20×20 55×55 main finishing problem hai..since you have taken the charge of the european market ..i am seeing this trouble in getting my fabric finished!

  14. sidra i think this difference is from the begning and we can’t blame any one for it
    and as jamil Bahi wrote about the last year scandles … too bhir… they all are not true but infect most of them are not true … we as the students should show responsibility, as the muslim, as the humane being and as ??… the ? is why we can’t stay alone late at night out of home (i mean hostle) the simple reason which i got is.. we did not show our due responsibilty and maturity in us … that we should… and i think we should think now about this if we want above freedom.. ok

  15. what ever said by me is being confirmed by your own statements..should i take it agree to what i said? well thank you if yr far as it carefully what i wrote earlier..and i quote “though few of themm…didnt come to his (shakel Ahmad sb.) expectations” and later i wrote, “and i personally think they did hold some truth in them” used the word “some”!!!!
    actually the thing is and its human psychology, what ever good you do..people forget after one bad thing that pisses them off..and no matter how many of you are nice and clean..if one among you is a black sheep, the whole herd is considered to be faulty and then it takes time to prve yourself again.i still feel..if every thing goes fine another year or so..we wont be seeing other sidrah’s complaining such kind of gender partiality!

    Note: when i speak of scandles..i dont mean only those gossips that happened abt the hostel borders but also those who are dayscholars. so If any hostel border (guys&gals) took my wordings as offensive ; I opologise cuz I still remember the warmth and hospitality showed by Usman Wahla, Usman Lahori, Bilal (3rd yr) Rizwan Sajjad, Ali and many more when ever i visited their home away from home..and in no way i take them different!

  16. “supervision of girls is a far greater responsibility than that of boys” WRONG..the scenario here in TIP is very different. Here the “supervision of boys is a far greater responsibility”, coz guy-guy isuues are a lot more then the guy-gal issues…;) Dont worry sidrah you’ll soon get the freedom you’re strivin for… In no time the authorities will realize the fact that their boys get attracted more towards the same gender…:p

  17. Hey, Tasmaan, whoever you are, I don care but I totally agree with the fact that, in TIP, guys get get attracted more towards the same gender 🙂 … Now what guys can do … when gals themselves have a keen interest in thier same gender … When gals are not interested in boys then y guys should take interest in the opposite gender…

    As it is said, “Tu na sahi aur sahi, aur na sahi aur sahi” 😛

  18. ASHFAQ, nice well written article, i know..pehle tu ne khud likh hoga phir tu ne raheel se check keraya hoga..phir saquib ne parha ho ga phir owais or bilal mehnti or end main dedhi ne paas kiya hoga and then it appeared on quack…well there wer some grammatical mistakes..but things are going in the right direction..


    I AGREE WITH YOU, girls should be given independence as much as boys enjoy.

    “My spontaneous query here is, why not let the girls stay out all night for every alternate month”

    oh ma gawd, y the hell she wants to stay out all night …..woh bhi every alternate month!?

  20. Bilal…you didn’t left your sense of humour even after you left TIP….isn’t it obvious the girl is trying to say some thing over here….let her speak her mind yaar…..

    Sidhrah don’t worry all of guys totally agree with you…gals should be allowed to stay out all night long every alternate months…balkee every month…!!!


  21. Sidra you are alot free to do anything in TIP.believe me i am from a village of Sind.and we cant sit with our cousions(girls).thats the are always in boy i see you.thats good!but you cant stay out as there are guards n other people working at TIP and if you can trust them when you are alone in the primisses of TIP late night then you can also trust the boy stundents which are not illiterate

  22. Manam . As u said u r from interior sindh . and u people are so much restricted that u cant sit with ur cousins , then how can u pass time with gals in TIP . Now I understand . Y u said that its ur last chance .

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