Getting back on track

As the first month of Spring 2013 passed by, it proved to be better than the entire semester of Fall 2012. Active members of the societies working together into different initiatives for the betterment of student life was experienced by most of the students but still they feel surprised that a whole month has passed of this semester.

First of all, I on behalf of Quack online would like to welcome the freshmen for this semester. We hope to see them here for a longer period of time and expect them to be hilarious and amazing in the upcoming Freshmen Gala rather than finding them leaning in the cafeteria corner or enjoying the beautiful wind and view near the tower. For sure, this is a waste of talent and enthusiasm which u might realize later.

Moving on, I would like to congratulate Raveed Khan and his team for the outstanding representation of TIP in the field of dramatics outside TIP as well as on their performance last week at the campus. We expect a lot more from you people and we await to witness something big very soon.

Coming down to the events in this past month, TIP enjoyed “The Hearts of Darkness” arranged by USRS, Mehfil-e-Milaad by the Religious Society, the performance by the Dramatics (discussed above) and the recent Cricket Championship by the Sports Society which was won by the 4th year. Though all the events faced a little lack of attendance on which the students should be ashamed but still they went pretty good.

Last but not the least, the awesome five were found to be running here and there a lot in these past days which is actually good. The revival of TIEMS with the collaboration of TISF is also expected to be a positive step for the utilization of the TISF slot each week. The society will reveal their planned events after the hourlies and would be open to criticism by the concerned students who took part in becoming the advisors to the society.

Good Luck in the Hourlies!!

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