Ghazal night.

Finally, something awesome.

BANG!!  what an event last weekend, almost everyone there loved it and it was met with a hugely positive response from everyone from students bringing their families and friends to faculty too.  It was all kinds of awesome, also it gives you something of a special feel when ALMOST every person *except a few* has put in some effort to look good and they actually succeed at doing so, and don’t end up making a joke of themselves *ouch this sounds rude*.


The venue was good, the performers outdid themselves the food *the biryani and feerni* was better than expected and almost everything else about that event was an A.


The night which started with a beautiful hamd ‘wohi khuda hy’ and ended with a good ol’ dama dam mast qalandar dhamaal, had so much happen,in between,including that random weird guy who decided to go Michael Jackson+the infamous badnam munni all over the arena and quite literally made people wonder what exactly the kind of stuff exactly has he been smoking and more importantly WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CREATURE AND WHERE DID IT COME FROM. I would’ve taken notes of every song and every ghazal sang by the performers but I was busy enjoying everything around me so I couldn’t. If anyone remembers the songs and ghazals please mention in the comments for those who missed it.

This event was organised in the city and the venue was at a very easy-to-get-to location thus the fact that many people that you wouldn’t usually find at events were there too, although it kept reminding me of the absolutely magnificent amphitheater we have at our campus that is used for God-knows-what *you do know what I mean* purposes and I in my two years here, have yet to witness it in its glory but considering the fact that our ‘awam’ tends to be lazy when events are held at the campus you really have no one to blame but the ‘awam’ itself.  Here is to hoping that we get a musical event such as this one at OUR campus.. SOON.

The best thing about this event was the overwhelming response by the faculty, the president and Dean sahab too.  So much that the latter was even seen encouraging and almost literally dragging students for dhamaal and I think that’s the kind of spirit we need from them for every event.