Guess who I am talking about

In our beloved TIP there are so many things to be talked about and from all of them I am going to visualize and talk about a very important personality of TIP.

It was the first day of my second semester, I was so anxious to attend her class. From my very first day at TIP, I really liked her personality and the way she talks.

Finally the moment came when she stepped into the room. I looked at her; her style, her dressing and her, very impressive, personality, I was over whelmed. She was so confident; she looked at us with her shiny eyes. As the class proceeded everyone was quiet and I was just waiting for her to speak something and finally she uttered something, ‘So, Students’. The way she said it was amazing!!! She was so polite and was talking very calmly. I was really impressed by her.

Before attending her class some of our seniors told us that she is very strict but actually she is not. She is so sweet, one of my favorite teachers. Her way of teaching is wonderful. She always gives confidence to her students by encouraging them to speak!

I know, now you have an idea about the personality I am talking about. Right??? Yes, she is none other than Ma’am Shameem Noorani. One of the very good teachers at TIP!

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  1. well rabila it seems that ur impressed by her personality…..well i agree to ur article as well….nice comment by the way.

  2. rabeela… b away frm this teacher or ul b caught in her web betaa
    aur agar A laina hai to u may call me at 0300…….
    ya phir makhan say kaam laina paray ga
    ..acha weell the article was very niceee

  3. If your so much impressed, then learn something from her and just try to improve your English hRabeela.

  4. Yaar shouldn’t article be banned coz it involves too much lies and too much of what we call TC!! though in this case this term can’t be applied and i think only the guys over would agree with meon that….!!!

    Rabeela give it a break man you’re studyin in a university not in a school!!

  5. For all those who are commenting on my article since last 4 days. It’s pretty subjective and depends upon your own mind, ‘how you take things.’ I took it in a ‘Praising’ way and no comments on how you are taking it!

    This was it, which I wanted to say to you people!

  6. Kashif…!!!!

    Yaar come on!!!! man have u ever seen such flattery…!!!

    Rebeela…..tum bhat agay jao gi….bohat agay……

  7. Rabeela welll said aik bat hai waisay ache to woh hain laliken itni ache i cant say waisay fikar mat karo ab tumhara oral main a paka ho gaya hai

  8. hay rabeela well said ache to han laiken itni ache mhan yah mujhay tumhara atical parh kay pata chal anyways ab tumhara oral main a grade pak hai pareeshan mat ho

  9. I don’t know why you guys are criticizing this article. Out of all the articles in this site, the one written by “rabeela” makes the most sense. No offence to any of the writers but most of the other articles have really bad grammer and they have no use of preterite tense . If one of you can’t write perfectly, you have no right to comment negatively on someone else’s article. Maybe everyone needs to read this article one more time to find any grammer mistakes. Anyway Great Job on the Article.

    PS. AS far as “buttering” is concern. People should mind their own business. If buttering could get you high grades, then why the “hell” not? I would butter anyone and I’m sure all of you will too.

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