Guide to talk to your students. #wowniceway

Unfortunately, there has been a commotion on the lack of events held by TISF this semester and fortunately even TISF is worried. As happened with the awaited Sports Night that was to be held this Thursday.

The Sports Night was all set to go but on Wednesday when Sportex went to ask permission the Dean got rattled and disallowed the event on the basis of Lack of Attendance (winter venture) on the next day and Security. The security concern was a valid statement but being absent is student’s responsibility and his/her presence to class should be his/her own concern. His solution was to do a Sports Day on Saturday at Uni timing, naturally nobody agreed. Thus, scene got cancelled.

Along with that all the events that were scheduled a night were lost.
The next day a very worried TISF went to the President and cited their concerns. The President, being level headed and knowing the attachment of students to night life of TIP, said that an event could be held on Friday night and points will run on Saturday however, the Dean, not so pleased with the idea said, “jab ek bar mana kardiya tou mana kardiya, events ho nahi sakte istarah k.”
TISF, reluctantly agreed but had questions for the Dean. Jotted question about the restrictions on TISF, the end of TISF, its future and student concerns were asked to answer. But Dean in all his glory snatched the paper and yelled, “DAFA hojaiye bahar” and not just once but many times.

A very nice way to chat up to your students, I must say. Very effective; doesn’t leave room to answer. Will use it.

However, not just this but many complaints have been heard about the rudeness showed by the Dean not just to students but to staff as well. The Dean is a bridge between students and management however, he seems to like burning bridges. Previously too, he has showed lack of flexibility where students are concerned.

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  1. I’m sure, soon Mr. Dean will take revenge from all of you (btw he has started it 😉 already). And there’ll be no place for you all to hide (you ugly faces) hahaha. After all he is a mean person.

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