Guide to talk to your students. #wowniceway

Unfortunately, there has been a commotion on the lack of events held by TISF this semester and fortunately even TISF is worried. As happened with the awaited Sports Night that was to be held this Thursday.

The Sports Night was all set to go but on Wednesday when Sportex went to ask permission the Dean got rattled and disallowed the event on the basis of Lack of Attendance (winter venture) on the next day and Security. The security concern was a valid statement but being absent is student’s responsibility and his/her presence to class should be his/her own concern. His solution was to do a Sports Day on Saturday at Uni timing, naturally nobody agreed. Thus, scene got cancelled.

Along with that all the events that were scheduled a night were lost.
The next day a very worried TISF went to the President and cited their concerns. The President, being level headed and knowing the attachment of students to night life of TIP, said that an event could be held on Friday night and points will run on Saturday however, the Dean, not so pleased with the idea said, “jab ek bar mana kardiya tou mana kardiya, events ho nahi sakte istarah k.”
TISF, reluctantly agreed but had questions for the Dean. Jotted question about the restrictions on TISF, the end of TISF, its future and student concerns were asked to answer. But Dean in all his glory snatched the paper and yelled, “DAFA hojaiye bahar” and not just once but many times.

A very nice way to chat up to your students, I must say. Very effective; doesn’t leave room to answer. Will use it.

However, not just this but many complaints have been heard about the rudeness showed by the Dean not just to students but to staff as well. The Dean is a bridge between students and management however, he seems to like burning bridges. Previously too, he has showed lack of flexibility where students are concerned.

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  1. Very well said Mr. Hassan.
    Good work Meera. Keeping the spirit of Quack! Online alive.
    It would have been great had previous incidents been talked about too here. Let this be a start.

  2. ….and not long ago the Alumni were denied to use the “remote” areas of the campus for a half day shoot on the basis of money, even though the project was non-commercial, non-profit and was supposed to be in collaboration with Dramatips and students of NAPA to build portfolios and give them exposure.

    …..and then we hear “The Alumni does not help”

  3. It will start Asad dont worry at all.

    I’ve heard that our teachers had a board meeting few days back. Luckily some of the students were standing out side of the board room regarding few concerns. They were waiting for the meeting to get over but one teacher or facilty came late. When he/she opened the door they heard shouting. Not just shouting, it was very unproffessional. If i quote some words they were ” Tu Tarak wali batameezi” and you all can guess who was shouting at the teachers at the board meeting. Now not even senior students but also teachers are facing these kind of bad language.

  4. For someone who joined the Institute not even a month ago with ALOT of hope and some crazy wild expectations regarding the night life and events and stuff, this is just a HUGE disappointment.
    I thought the whole surrounding n the ‘mahol’ would be bang on but. .it seems like it was Nothing! Now i dont know what the hell is going on in there but the night life is a part of TIP (from what, I’ve heard offcourse ) n we cant let it die before even getting to actually experience it.

  5. From the above comment by respected Dean,Alumni,Texpert Dr Abdul jabbar seems to be very Islamic personality(Mashallah) with due respect sir i want to acknowledge u that Islam is the second name of Peace and prosperity and from the above article it can be clearly seen that its lacking some where i dont know where but it is,
    Regarding TISF events,Sir I want u to note that TISF has its own Hierarchy and it is easily available to anyone related to this forum,its a humble request to read that TISF constitution very thoroughly and after reading that if u feel any queries regarding it u can directly contact to President TISF which is answerable to all ur questions.
    And related to ur aggressive nature its better to deal with TIP with calm nd loving attitude and they will always be there with u in any situation.

    Meera can u help respected dean by handing over the constitution.

    Farooq Arif
    Ex-TISF General Secretary 2013-2014

  6. Been a Texpert graduated in 2003. I personally had experienced same rude behaviour from the same person. And we boycotted his class for several days for his Slang and abusive language. But I don’t know how these kind of “Sick-Minded” personalities are repeated inducted in TIP. I must say this is one of the main reasons behind the detoriation of the system within TIP. Isn’t there President there at TIP these days who can shut this person’s mouth up.

    So pitty for Tipians, Faculty and Staff. 🙁

  7. What I think is that TIP’s president is new here. He doesnt know the culture of TIP and many other things. He’s new in this institute. In the first 3 weeks he saw ,eachers fighting each other, he saw teachers dont like each other and he saw the quality of teachers hired in TIP. Tip’s impression (RIP). Secondly if the teachers or dean will guide him the ways to do work here or if he will concerns small issues with dean rather then making decisions by himself then I would say. “Bhool jao beta kuch nai badalne wala” i personally saw that dean is very dominating even over the president so this has to stop. Stop this dictatorship.

  8. And thats how the TIP is burning down
    From top to the least bottom every individual thinks that if he’s in authority he’s the man to be followed
    And what TIP is totally producing now are the bunch of unprofessional kids

    ‘Dafa hojao’ and ‘mairay khilaf koi action lia to fail kardonga’ is actually the words been spelled here from sooo called professional leaders of TIP


  9. TIP seems to be the Cadet College in sometimes.
    P.S This is university and we are not the KG & Prep students.

  10. Surprised to read “I must say this is one of the main reasons behind the detoriation of the system within TIP.” Everyone who knows TIP’s past is aware of the fact that year 2000 to 2006 was the best period of TIP history when the present dean and his other colleagues were there. After 2006 when quality of education was sacrificed for monetary cutdowns and faculty quality compromised, systems got paralysed. Texperts from 2002-6 batches feel pity on their juniors now when they interview them during hiring on the name of TIP. Because fresh graduates except some, don’t carry the confidence and allround knowledge which texperts were famous for. Our Allumni in spinning to wet processing sectors are now complaining that our graduates quality is now getting poorer than a DAE diploma holder. Students who getting admission in TIP just for ‘mahol’ are not only wasting their time and money but also damaging TIP’s image. In such scenario, dean’s
    first priority should be to improve the quality of institute’s product (fresh graduates) by inculcating the adequate textile industry knowledge in his students. Probably he might be taking some strict decisions to align the students to the goal of TIP .i.e. offering a better product to the industry. Entertainment or sports activities are part of academic life but we must complain for them if management is preventing the proposal without giving any alternative. We always found the Dr. Abdul Jabbar sb. a very charming and loving person except when he has to trim the events that can cause discipline or security problems. Students at TIP must support him because he will be taking such decisions for their and TIP’s betterment.

  11. The day current TISF was elected was the day when we see there real faces. Slogans like “hum koi bhe event ticket wala nae karwaega” to “hum aik paisa nae khaengay” was utter piece of shit. The last so called event WINTER VENTURE was just for filling pockets from ticket money. Being a senior most student i have never seen such a shitty event in my life at TIP. Charging 1000rs for it was for fulfilling the amount of money spended during the elections phr jo bach gae us say PAKISTAN TOUR laga lia :p I appreciate the current dean and moreover i beg him don’t allow any event organized by the current TISF because yea sb loteray hain TIP ko lootnay aie hain..
    P.S mjhay wo bhe din yaad hain jub current elected member elect honay sa pehlay har event mai without ticket aya kartay thay :/

  12. I remember the days of our former president of Pakistan Mr. Parvez Musharaf, when majority wer talking against him and labelled him a dictator. Fortunately, those days turned soon and now most of us appreciating his actions. Change is always discouraged by majority of the people but it is necessary to immaculate derailed systems. So, i must appreciate the dean for taking his courageous decisions, and while taking such decision there might be some words that we feel not appropriate but I know him since 2002. I am sure he can’t say the statement as shoab qouted ‘maray khilaf koi action lia to fail kr dunga’. He is not a person who fear the actions of his students against him and factually speaking how can shoab or some other student can take such actions against him. Unfortunately, we are afraid of the right systems which TIP needs now. And as Mr. Anonymous stated above president is new here, its just lack of awareness on your side. The president and dean both had served our institute in best times of the institute and they knows its culture better than us and both of them had enough knowledge and experience to work on the equivalent positions. So actually we must need a guide who can teach us to work where it is better for us.

    Best Regards,
    Tahir Hafeez
    TS- 2005

  13. Folks its really good that people are speaking up but please note one key thing, Quack! Online does not encourage anonymous posts.
    Even if you’re a current student, don’t worry about stating your name. There have been bigger issues in the past and students have posted some pretty bold statements, but no action was taken against them.
    Relax TIPians! 😀 as long as you’re within the ethical boundries, it’s cool.

    Former Editor Quack! Online.

  14. with all due respect to MR blank face or an u known person who wrote about WINTER VENTURE i just want to say mere bhai bolna boht easy hota hai karna boht mushkil agr itni he himmat hai bhai to app apna naam he disclosed karday and we the team of TISF can have a deep meeting with you ke kitna khaya hai aur kitna lagaya hai and plus i promise app iss level ka ya issay achay level ka event karwado i promise ham sab sabse pehlay apse TISF walay ticket laingay phir wo 2500 ka kun na ho but there would be not a single mishap then. Respect your forum students who were at the presidents office have no serious grudge against the Dean but he himself made the whole crowd including the sweepers and the faculty . We people try to make things good and better and try our best students of TIP should have some unity in them elect bhi app kartay ho zaleel bhi app kartay ho bhai jitna hosakhta hai TISF ne kiya and they still try to cover up . So please aisa mat sochye mere bhai jo kartay hain app logo ke liye he kartay hain. And jo facilities apko winter venture mein maukood kee gai thi wo sab app 500 mein karwakar dekhado zara . Batay karna asan hota hai and kam karna mushkil . I have faith in my university and in my president in sha Allah i will work for TiP phir chahay mein individual tareekay se karun ya kisi ke sath.

  15. mere dost ab jo bh ho TISF pe comment kerne wale ap ke leye sirf ek cheez bolna chahunga ….. kitnaaaa bhonkoge r ktnaaaa rogeeee yarrr baree hojao 3rd year me agae bachoo walyyy harkteen band karo r mun pe ake bat karo teacher ko shikyaat ab bachayyy bh nae kertay r jahn tk bat rahyyy khane ki ek ek cheezz ka hisaab he r ap hotey kn ho hisaab mangne walyy bhaii bhaiii jan auqat me rahoooo bhut bardast kya he tm logo ko r agay bh karlunga likkn agarr jhootay ilzam lagao ge to waqaeee me **** phar dunga ab … !!!

  16. With all due respect to the dean and president,
    Tip doesn’t actually have a social life. what’s left of it is our night life which you guys have,decided to ban;reason being lack of attendance.
    letme break it down to you gentlemen.
    students are responsible for their attendance! there’s a rule in tip of not exceeding 3 absences which we are all aware of.
    secondly talking about the current on going issue about our new president being against our smoking areas,there’s a reason the place is called s2 and s1 that is smoking 1 and vice versa. we are Univeristy students not school kids that you’ll be putting a ban on people smoking.
    last but not the least students celebrating birthdays; Yes we make a little mess when it’s the time but what’s the problem if we are willing to clean up our mess ourselves?

  17. Mr. Tahir Hafiz, aren’t you the one appointed by Mr. Dean as you are his buddy working for his project hmmmm. And trying to teach the course which a previous visiting faculty taught for last few semesters very successfully. I thinky your students can tell about your teaching abilities. Hahahaha

  18. Hey !! dont you say anything to the management they are so sweet people they care about us a lot. They dont even clean our shit if we shit at the door of cafeteria. SO LOVING PEOPLE <3

  19. hum tow kehta hun sab ko nikalo shani bhai ko bithado seat pe, sab kuch sambhal lenge wo. aray aise thori na guru bolte hein unko ASSET hein wo TIP k

  20. Mr Nazim with all due respect firstly no one joins a University JUST for academics, if that were the case there’d be no difference between Universities and elementary schools and we wouldn’t have a 50 acre campus as even half of that space would be more than enough for academic activities
    secondly u said he might be taking strict decisions to “align” the students to the goal of TIP, We are grown up students who don’t need someone with a “danda” in there hands to forcefully align us towards a goal.. if u do want to do that u need to motivate them not dishearten them by cancelling events.

  21. Actually the people who bark at current ELECTED Tisf are those people which are famous for MELA of tip . The students even teacher called them MELA. They are the people who just bark … inko na teacherz ki izzat karna ati hai na kisi bare ki ….jesa bhi teacher ho inko bas marks chaiye ….. agr bhai kuch karwa nai skte tou atleast bhonko tou mat….. aur jinko ye masla hai k bager ticket k event chaiye … unko phr kuch aur karna parega q k free mai kuch nai milta aur winter venture mai reasonable price thi…. jo ye mela group afford nai kar paya…. and they miss the glorious event. Aur jaha tk institute mai parhai ki bat hai …this is rediculus. Not even single teacher take interst for making a student for induatry. They are jst cash their salaries. Tip khud paise kamane mai lagi hui hai so called enterpreneurship session karwao aur kamao jese bhi ho sakta hai bewakoof bna k kamao…. diaguistin

  22. Thank you very much for all your love and hate against each other and for the institute. I really feel ashamed to have seen some comments which had nothing to do with what the topic was about but still, everyone has the right to speak their hearts out.

    Kind friends and respected seniors, please understand that the two problems which arose due to recent events are the canceled/postponed event and the words of the Respected Dean. It is not a proud thing to show yourself as the all-knowing encyclopedias of the institute. Keep your personal grudges and ill-influenced myths to yourself as they were of no favor for the betterment of the institute. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean the loss of moral and ethical grounds.

    Secondly, it isn’t the first time that events have been cancelled in the university but the only alarming concern was the words by the Dean but for that, a proper channel is available to write to the president and follow protocol. Complaining anonymously and accusations are what children do, it isn’t logical to complain being dealt like children when you actually act like them.

    All i would say that things were never easy all my time there, the same attitude was there but try trusting the authority wether the elected TISF to whom you even vote or not, or the Dean’s appointment in which the students didn’t even had a say. Change should be appreciated and innovated to personal satisfaction rather than rejected.

  23. Well said Ahsan Shah!
    Responding to the topic, i must say that according my extent of knowledge, this wasn’t the culture and environment of TIP in the past and that the current new students should be made well aware of that. It can be seen that the elected student body(TISF) also seems to be helpless despite the fact they are the contributors to all the extracurricular activities and the events being organised at TIP. Also I want to highlight that the students unity and their interest can undo all this injustice.
    Although current situation doesnt seem to be well in favour of the students and yes the university itself, but lets just hope for the betterment of TIP after we are graduated.

    M. Waqar Faizi

  24. People

    Try n understand TIP doesn’t teaches us this way,,,
    dnt spoil the name of the institute its just all we have THE NAME of TIP!!!
    personal grudges and stuff is far beyond this kindly dont misuse the name of TIP,
    u all have ur points to prove and u can but without using the name of TIP,
    its really creating a bad image TIPIANS.

    Farooq Arif

  25. The guy who wrote against the TISF, i just want you to know that some of the things you said are true but you need some evidence to prove these things and as for Arbab BHAI aap bohat jaldi ghusse me ajate hen aur yahan tou loog larwana charae hen apko unse.. anonymously comment krne se ye ni saabit hota k woh 3rd year k hen so chill.

  26. contact AMIL SHANI BANGALI, he has the abillity to solve all the problems and make efficient decisions. believe me !!!

  27. mene sirf itny sy bat ki he ke tuhmat na lagao ksi pe bhut bara gunah he ye to khud be bachoo r dusru ko bh bachao ….

  28. Exactly! this is not some school! next thing we know he`ll make different sections for boys and girls and will say ‘baray baal nai rakho’ to the guys? give me a break!!! we came here for three things:
    1. studies!
    2. extra curricular activities.
    3. a good future (whatever kind that suits the people here)
    with all that said above let`s just face the facts… we’ve got a few years till we go on our jobs and our fellow texperts know how tough it is! with getting our education students need some relaxation! these things are what we`re gonna remember a few years later. TIP night life is the best! ban that and you put another nail on your job’s coffin!
    P.S i’m sure the Dean doesn’t wanna see a mutiny does he? if he wants to.. well… we`ll all know in a couple of days! for now let’s see what he’ll do. ban the articles here? I REALLY WANNA SEE HIM TRY TO!
    nicely done Meera! a little sarcasm doesn’t hurt nobody!

  29. On the behalf of TS-3 I am writing this that the above comment of anonymous is not posted by any of us hum itnay phatto nae k yea harkatien Karen moo pa kartay hain bat Secondly anon guy if you are targeting us tw beta moo par akar bolo sirf G nae sub kch phardengay. Or jinho na pharni hoti hai na wo bachon ki tnha commenty nae kartay phartay hain direct like us. Proud to be a Maila

  30. comment jis ne bh kya ho mjhe koi parwa nae hein han magar agar bat prove ker saktey ho to bolo warna faltuuu mat bhonkoo r ek dafa bardasht ker chuka hun ab nae krunga chahe kuch bh ho r me kya ker sakta hun ksi ko batane ki zarurat nae he mjhe .

  31. Danish and Arbash, both of you can Shut your debates now, if you all really want to make a solution call everyone at TISF Slot and discuss, if things still go beyond your control ask other Texperts who can and please everyone one word “BEHAVE” atleast like your parents taught you.

  32. with due respect. i beg to state that “Mr Taha Muzammil” please shut the****up. even u don’t know about the rate of winter venture ticket. so let me remind u that it was 1000 r.p.h not 500 r.p.h. so u aren’t supposed to be a adopted baby by tisf and kindly safe your
    A***s. r one more thing “perday m rehny do parda na uthao, r ap insano ki trha parho r ghar jao”. Arbab bhai idhr topic kuch h r bat kahan p lyguy ap yar this is not fair bro… r bat ye h ap unki pharangy to wo apki double phardngay to tub ap kaha jaogay. so kindly think about it.

    Jamal Hyder.

  33. Rigjtly said this is not the topic we’re all discussing, Arbab and Danish the slangs are getting a lot here and both of you are sensible no to settle this here. That’s not what this argument for this article about. We’re all weak when divided and strong when United!

  34. Rigjtly said this is not the topic we’re all discussing, Arbab and Danish the slangs are getting a lot here and both of you are sensible no to settle this here. That’s not what this argument for this article’s about. We’re all weak when divided and strong when United! Think about it.

  35. Hahaha :p MR hyder or what so ever mere bhai i cluld have appreciate you on your blog but sorry cant use that language and han bhai koi zarurat nai hai parday mein rakhnay ki atleast from my side KYA HOGA. Teeen char logo lo lay aogay gawa bana kar aur hamari awam mein se kuch loga man bhi laingay that you are right doo din ya teen din chalo apki baat rakhi aik haftay tak log baat karaingay uske baad sab apni life mein busy and awaal to aisa kuch hua nai aur agr aisa hua bhi ho to you have right to ask or say anything you want to speak Raveed, zair , arbab or anyother person you cam ask to kya mein tickets mein paisay khaye hain ya unko bola hai ke mein koi ticket 500 ka becha hai i asked them to sell them on the day of event jo unhonay mana kardiya diya tha i paid them the full amount infact i had to spent some amount on food for me so i used that money but later on i returned them back aeound 2000rs so Mr jee as i told you kuch log aa bhi jaingay ke han im saying wrong ya mere se 500 ka ticket liya hai chalo mein kehta hun mein 200 ka ticket diya hai :p ab ???? 🙂 hahaha bhai baray hojao TIP KO REPRESENT KARNA HAI BARBAAD NAI MERE BHAI bacho walay arguments nai kiya karo bhai 2006 se ab tak seekha nai shaid and im not pattuu of TISF from day one i was with TISF so i know kya tha aur kya hai 🙂 and yes to all my HATERS Muwaahhhh 🙂 see ya

  36. Dear Sir,

    “Lack of absence” is not so convincing reason to give!!!!!

    Students are responsible enough to know what is right or what is wrong,

    I remember attending classes after Halloween because I already crossed the 3 absence limit, so basically it is a personal choice, it has nothing to do with EVENTS.

    This is the year of “selfies & Groupies”, let there be fun and joy, trust me, these 4 years are the only years these students have, then there is long road, full of struggles and hurdles.

    Sometimes, when we (alumni) need a break, we feel like going to TIP or attending any event, so if I request you I want events to be held in TIP, you can’t just say that “No, then you won’t attend the office tomorrow”.

    Marks are deducted for irrelevant absences and I believe no student can argue about it.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Shakaib Iftikhar
    Alumni 13″

  37. coming from a reliable duck.. (not the above one’s) that the dean had been occasionally shut up by a few staff members in the past for his language issues with them. any sign this might happen again?

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