Halloween Carnival 2009

Textile Institute of Pakistan has celebrated it’s carnival on Dec 04 2009. The event was

carn beautifully arranged by Textile Institute Students Forum. Many students and Texperts brightened the night with carn1their colorful yet scary costumes. The theme was Halloween with the Desi touch. The event started with the coverage of AAG TV who not only captured the scary and desi night in their cameras but also made the crowd to dance the night away. The event included “Dance competition” and “Best costume award” and cash prizes were awarded to deserving participants by the host of AAG TV. The location of carnival was decorated with scary theme in mind; there were graves with RIP signs on them which were not only frightening but became favourite photo shoot spot for the students. The walls were covered with thin veneer of black paint. Pumpkin sculpture were scattered all around the place which were sparkling with dim lights. The other side of the location was decorated with desi theme which was showing different cultures of Pakistan. It was decorated with a rickshaw on the side, a hookah and with tea and local carn2shakes stalls. The music was club and scary in the start but soon blended with eastern flavors. Everybody’s foots were on the dance floor and nobody was getting tired of dancing because music genre was changing sporadically which kept the people fresh and motivated. Girls did Dandis with fire lighting in center of them. There was a food stall which served many different items of BBQ. In the end the event was a roof-raiser and everybody left it with beautiful memories and smile on their faces. I congratulate TISF for their splendid Carnival and wish you the happy year.carn3

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  1. It was my first event and i really enjoyed the whole party. I wholeheartedly appreciate the arrangements by the TISF. It was beautiful night and we left it with lots of memories in our mind. The desi theme was very unique touch. The most significant aspect of this event was that all the girls follow the theme with stylish witch hats on their heads. Many texperts also joined us and they also make that moment most memorable for all of us.

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