Hamaree Taswerain Quack! Pay nahi Aateein!


Last week the local angry mob at TIP complained that Quack! did not feature any of their pictures. Quack! has become so popular at TIP that everyone wants to be in the spotlight. In order to calm down some of the angry protesters we have made a special effort to include their tasweerein in this week’s issue.


12 Replies to “Hamaree Taswerain Quack! Pay nahi Aateein!”

  1. WoW, Nice picture. Hey Aasim, u know what? Ur ma homie. Thanks a lot for uploading this picture. n lemme tell u somthin, quack was popular before u joined TIP and so were these people. There are many pictures of this batch on quack, I remember bcuz I uploaded ’em …. try to find ’em with your naked eyes.
    And yeah, after reading this short article, I have decided to write another article, with a title, “ARTCILE WANNABE.”

  2. oh by the way what’s the i d e a of uploading the pic an insect or whatever it is with the pic of 3 3 rd years. Trying to inspect any resemblance biw both of them ??

  3. Definately some of the most fun loving people at TIP. This picture was taken the day Omair and Junaid celebrated their birthday with a huge birthday cake and invited the whole campus to enjoy with them.

    As far as this article is concerned, it says that the protester’s pictures have been included in Quack!’s weekly issue. Those who read Quack! in campus would know and not post ridiculously irrelevant comments.

  4. heelo guys, tell me one thing, is tht is right that one Karachite was beaten badly by hostel ka 15-20 Panjabees??? & the guy was start bleeding badly????? plz someone do tell me!!

  5. hello guys, is this rightor just a rumor that one karachite was beaten badly by 15-20 “Hostel ka Panjabees” & he start bleeding badly???? yar plz confirm karo yeh news!!

  6. nice joke innocent , u r really innocent , Hostel pujabis don’t have balls to even touch another guy …. n ur talking about bleeeding…. LOL

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