Have You Witnessed the 12th Degree Designers?!

Have you ever wondered that how can anyone represent Iqbal’s Shiqwa on fabric? Or use Rust to create Tea effect? Or use Recycle fabrics to create a display? But it was all done by the institute’s designers.

Every year the 4th year TDT shows its charisma by presenting all they have learned in TIP. This year was no different. The thesis showcased; awakened a rush of envy within me as not in million years I will be able to do something like this. Topics which I never thought could be converted into fabric decorated the walls of Design Studio. From Greek Mythology to Bohri Wedding, from Pakistani Currency to Pasynka Art, from Chinese Shadow play to Urdu Muhawars, everything was there.




















The exhibition that lasted 5 days was visited by a number of Texperts and created a pleasant buzz around the industries. It was a display worth seeing. It certainly did made me wonder if I can be this creative-no, I cannot– because, man, the exhibit was full of it.

Around every nook and corner of the studio there was a WOW factor. It made you wonder to what lengths they have gone to achieve all this. It certainly showed that in these 4 years they have learned to innovate and work wonders with their hands. Each display disclosed brilliance in its own way, there wasn’t a theme in the room that had me flabbergasted on how amazing the work was.

I congratulate every student of TDT-4 on creating something that stood on its own and proved to be a treat to one’s eyes.

Here are some of the Designers and their themes:

  • Maheen Farruk- Cave art
  • Maheen Zehra- Pakistani currency
  • Soha- Objects leads to Obsession
  • Alifiya- Foliage and Pixels
  • Tooba- Umar o Yar; Chinese shadow play
  • Amna- Pasynka Art
  • Wajeeha- Freedom of Birds
  • Komal- Karachi architecture
  • Zahabiya- Bohri wedding
  • Fatima- Sussy gets Juicy
  • Aisha- Ikat
  • Rabiya- Moods
  • Maryum- Sumurai Warriors
  • Husna Awan- Rust Effect
  • Alveena- Recycling
  • Ruba Maqbool- Colors of Pakistan