Hear Ye, Here Ye Cretins…

For those of you who have graduated recently here’s some more salt to your wounds…

Effective 10th November Comments and Cartoons of the Graduating Class 2007 will not be entertained.

Shocked? Don’t be, you didn’t submit anything to the magazine so i really won’t bother going into the specifics! Now nobody will know that you graduated this year except your Mom and Dad and maybe a brother or sister if you’re close to them….

The following Graduated Classes have NOT sent me their Comments and Cartoons, so no dice for you…

– Apparel Marketing and Manufacturing (AMM)
– Textile Marketing and Management (TMM)

So Last Call to Board the Train or Be Left Behind, No Second Call for Losers; Have too many Passengers on the Train anyhow!

May the Force be with you…. suckers! 😛
Ali Cat is Biting Back At Ya!

13 Replies to “Hear Ye, Here Ye Cretins…”

  1. @ali hakeem
    well I remember sketching stuff for my batch and submitting it like really long ago, Didnt fareed forward you that???????????????????

  2. @ Mako
    Dude, I didn’t get any comments and sketches from AMM and TMM other than that all the other sections have been covered!

    The previous years mag is not my concern if it gets printed we’ll let you know but other than that I can’t tell you anything else since I don’t know….

  3. @ali
    the sciences r covered rite
    thts all i wanted to know,
    n please make sure that Ali Mehdi doesnt get his copy of the magazine at the Tip Gate or he ll be acting like tht picture on top

  4. Wow!
    4 days to the Carnival and not a SINGLE TMM or AMM dude has commented here or shown interest! 😀

    Whew! That’s a load off my back!

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