HEC plays chimney sweep


Did you read today’s paper? According to Daily Dawn:

KARACHI, Jan 28: The Learning Innovation Division of the Higher Education Commission in collaboration with the World Health Organisation and the ministry of health has decided to conduct a series of one-day seminars for teachers, students and administrators of universities and degree- awarding institutions for the implementation of the “Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-smokers Health Ordinance 2002.”

The ordinance declares all higher education institutions as “no-smoking zones”.—PPI

With increasing anti smoking laws being implemented in public spaces throughout the world, and now Pakistan, will TIP finally rid its campus of the remaining smokers’ areas that still exist?

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  1. I think yes!

    An administration which can publish a HandBook for ‘grown ups’ can also implement such kind of policies.

  2. Well he sez wrong! 😛

    Sorry couldn’t help my self that’s how it’s suppose to be done isn’t it?

  3. actually i think it would be a bad idea. people will smoke, regardless of any non-smoking laws; and that will just force them to do it illicitly. Letting people smoke at certain areas makes it safer for non-smokers because they’ll know which places to avoid.

  4. Wrong about my views that “Students hand book not needed for grown ups”(it was a reply to Ali’s comment)

  5. //Students hand book not needed for grown ups//

    why? 18 or 21 is not a ceiling limit for learning. Handbooks, rules, laws, constitutions, they all list guidelines of behavior and conduct. They serve a life long purpose. Everyone needs them. Even the Quraan is the same thing.

    Humans are animals with great potential to improve. And they do that when they teach themselves stuff through trial and error, or when they are taught by someone else. Eitherway, it’s all about setting guidelines and following them. Absolute freedom doesn’t exist. It’s a demented fairytale theory.

  6. You are right Furhan, but I have used the word ‘grown-up’, a grown up should already know all these basic things, if not, then he/she cannot be included in this list. Some of the rules stated in the handbook are very basic which should not be there for mature students.

  7. i don’t quite agree. There’s no credit hour system in adulthood where if you’ve done this much you classify as a junior or a senior. Some children are born with more maturity then some adults. It all depends on your level of experience, exposure and learning. A lot of adults need to be told very basic things, like washing hands before every meal and not crossing a road during a green light.

  8. Yes, we do need handbooks to know the basic rules of our institution so that we know we are not breaking any.
    E.g. during the final exams or hourlies anything found written on ur hands or seat will considered cheating as well as talking to the person sitting next to you.
    But we can take along with us a piece of paper with all the answers written on it because the handbook fails to tell us not to.
    See handbooks not all bad.
    (I hope umair saeed doesn’t read this)

  9. yes, but it’s an evolving document. it says so. you should tell umair saeed about what’s missing or doesn’t make sense so he can rectify it.

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