Hostel surprise bonfire!

The TIP hostilities celebrated a surprise bonfire on the night of 7th December, 2006. It was a very well organized event with back to back movies projected on the hostel wall just below the window of room 128 and music from the newly purchased sound system that rocked the dorms till 2 in the morning with tea and soup for all. For the final year science students it was an even sweeter treat after they had spend the previous night studying for a mid-term exam.

I once again congratulate the hostilities for organizing a wonderful event. For those who missed out on the surprise as they were away to view the thesis at INDUS or some other work or leisure related activities, I’m sure the hostilities will try fuel more such events with the hostel fund in the near future.

3 Replies to “Hostel surprise bonfire!”

  1. Wow! Must’ve been really fun:)

    I wish the TISF would learn a thing or two from them about managing events, so that next time more than a quarter of the people don’t go home hungry after being kept hostage the entire day without food or clean water.

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