How hard is it to write?

Oh yes! I know the answer to this one…… I suffer from a permanent writer’s block … or maybe I’m just not that good enough….

But this isn’t about ‘how hard is it to write’, it’s about ………. ‘how hard is it to write’ ….. as yet another cry from my end. Everybody says “hum likhenge hum likhenge” to ab likhte kyun nahi ho?

First it was like, “falani hourly hai”. Then “dhamaki assignemnt hai”. Aur phir uske baad “…finals…” … I mean really… how hard is it to write a page or two on absolutely anything that interests you?

Moving on, people say that the college magazine should be more ‘college oriented’. Okay, so we came up with the idea of ‘The Days of Our Lives’; a compilation of short write-ups and pictures of the class of 2005-06 – you know… stuff like the times they’ve enjoyed the most, their fond memories and bla bla bla. So one fine day, after seeing the promotional flyers being used as a substitute to what the cafeteria people provide as a plate for their fries, an energetic Atiya and Arsalan decided to go talk to the 4th years personally … the lengths that we had to go to in order to get work done…!

First came an enthusiastic Kazmi “baby I’ll write it for you, don’t worry”, followed by an enthusiastic Marvi “haan haan…I’ll do it”, and then surprisingly an even more enthusiastic Lahori “haan ji mein aap ko do dinon mein likh kar de doonga”. And of course coming to the ‘best’ part – it’s been over two and a half months and I’ve only received 3 out of 85 pieces! Dude… how hard is it write 2 to 3 paragraphs on stuff that you’ll always remember about TIP? Writing in English wasn’t a condition either…

The list of futile endeavors however does not end here. Our mentors… “I’m busy – read ‘I’m chatting on msn at the moment'”… “I’m busy grading these assignments – read ‘bachon ko fail karne mein masroof hoon'”… “I’ll write something for you in the summers – read ‘GET LOST AND NEVER SHOW ME YOUR FACE AGAIN'”…

So what do you learn – to stand up in this world as an educated and confident individual who knows how to overcome his or her weaknesses, or how to tell people off?

Okay… not everyone’s a gifted writer. But that still doesn’t mean that one can’t write. See maine bhi baithe bithaye ek piece likh dala… So I mean… really… HOW HARD IS IT TO WRITE???

… Damn you all… !

7 Replies to “How hard is it to write?”

  1. Depend on what one’s writing.

    And this will hopefully be the first ever entry to be printed in talking textures after being posted on Quack 😛

  2. Arsalan!! This article is too good!!! especially the mentors wala part!!! I really enjoyed reading it!!!

  3. no it shall not aasim……..i had Quack in mind whilst writing this and it shall stay here on Quack……….

    oh well but who knows………
    and remember….. i’m still waiting…:)

    oh and thanx aisha…

  4. “dude…ill do it…bas thesis ki submission hojaye”
    ….. see what i mean…………….:)

  5. LIKH daita hun yar…i got certain activities besides these assighments,hourlies…and finals…do u know majority always has the authority so its a right path to move on that institution magazine should be institution oriented rather arsalan oriented but it can also cover different textiles related materai…m i right…go on comment on my topic: I LUV B.D.SALEEM….hope u gonna consider..AH

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