How to Abate Shyness in Your Friend

I was a very shy person and many times tried to overcome my shyness. I used to remain silent among my friends and family till I discovered how to overcome shyness. Some of my good friends helped me, overcome my shyness and here is what I learned in the last six months here in TIP. Although this one is not a usual Quack article published here online with mirch masla and gossips but still I hope it will help many shy people.

Be a complete friend and help your friends to overcome their shyness with the help of the following steps:

Listen to their talks more carefully; pay attention to them. A shy person can talk very often so it is your duty to pay attention to him and make him talk and encourage him.

Help them discover themselves. Make them realize the things they are good at. May be your friend is very talented in any activity but due to shyness he or she is not coming on the scene.

Support and encourage them and give them your unconditional love. Support them at every step of their life. And whenever they do something nice encourage them. Compliment them on their.

Pass along nonverbal cues, for example a smile or a pat on the back.

Encourage them for their talents and knowledge as well. If they are nervous about their exams or presentations give them a confidence, making them realize their skills and abilities.

Tell them to be friendly with everyone. Teach them to be responsible for themselves. Sometimes let them handle their problems by their own.

Try to make them self-reliant, train them to take calculated risks and to handle their failure. Tell them that, “you should rely on your self because your friends will not always be with you. You will meet different people at different stages of you life.”…

A friend is a gift which you give yourself so try to make your gift as good as possible. By doing all this your friend will overcome his or her shyness and will be confident and good.

8 Replies to “How to Abate Shyness in Your Friend”

  1. Salam ,
    Ya i fully agree with u , with wht u hv written its good to encourage ur friend….more than that try ur best 2 give CONFIDENCE to hi, this 10 alphabet word has gt everthing in it…its a biggest a person can hv..
    Weldone Rabeela
    keep it up

  2. it is very good to get out of the shell u r in to … its good to c people who r shy speaking… way to go… n for hotty …sidra said sumthing to encourage who eva this is n u shouldnt ask him to shut up

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