Human are we?

I write because I care. Bullshit. Its not that I don’t care, I just don’t care enough. I write because I want to make others feel the way I do. Miserable. Call me emo if you like. Its not that I don’t see the happy things happening in the world, it’s just that I don’t overlook the sad ones.

We see so much happening around us but we refuse to let it effect us. We remain happy and go on with our lives. We have become selfish.
Don’t mourn over the conditions but at least dwell a little upon them, being this immune is also not healthy. We don’t get sad, or depressed when we see someone suffering, hell we don’t even care if it happens to someone we care about anymore. We don’t get angry at how we are being treated any more because we have gotten used to it, and purchased generators. We adjust to the conditions coming our way but maybe its time we stand up against them.

Most will disagree with the way I think, but its not negativity, its just that I, for one, am sick of the people around me and the way things are being done, or in our case not being done at all. I am not saying that don’t see the glass as half full, just saying that at least think about where the missing half is, if you didn’t drink it, then who did. And if someone did drink it, did the individual deserve this half? Think. I am not saying that don’t be positive either, but saying be positive to an extent, because when you start annoying people with your positivity, than maybe its time you stop. Things aren’t as perfect as we want them or believe them to be.

I saw a donkey today, being forced into pulling a cart full of truck tires and being whipped for its slow speed. No one cares about that donkey or can do anything to help it, because in a country where humans don’t get their basic rights, an animal that is on the bottom of the chain doesn’t even count. Then I thought about how it would have been if the donkey was replaced with a human and was being treated like an animal, and I realized, we wouldn’t care even then. Because we care more about the new coffee they have introduced at espresso then about the blast that killed forty. How do we justify it? We say that, the blast isn’t going to keep me up and going so I can stay up and work and feed my family, but the coffee will, hence I care more about the coffee. Stop justifying.

So I ask you, when are you going to stop blaming the politicians and stop calling them heartless, hungry beasts (even if they are) who put Robin Hood to shame by taking from the rich and poor and making themselves richer, because honestly you, yourself are no better. When was the last time you did a good deed that wasn’t just for your own benefit. The twenty rupees you gave at the signal don’t count.
So I say to you, no, beg you. Look around you, and feel the pain, because these are your people suffering and dying. These are people, your responsible for. At least feel for them, maybe one day you will be moved enough to make a change.

7 Replies to “Human are we?”

  1. Its nice to know that there are people out there who look at life from a different perspective, which isnt solely focused on money and hedonism.

    It is important for our nation to envoke these feelings, open their eyes to their surroundings and do something about it.

    nice work.

  2. Reading this was a slap in the face but in a good wake-up-call way. Its neccesary to scare the mass on a frequent basis with such written pieces, and its true how people WANT to remain oblivious to their surroundings and then top it off by TRYING to justify their inconsideration to the dark and morbid times that we are in.

    Spine-Shivering-ly Amazing!

  3. nice work thumbs up!!

    i know by just saying thumbs up and praising you wont solve the problem but i appreciate it because it opened my eyes and woke me. So thanks for that.

  4. You have tried to target almost every one in this written piece. But don’t you think establishment (Governments) are responsible for, what we (people) think and do. I see as Governments set the trends e.g. CHINA!

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