I am sorry but has anybody ever read the Constitution TISF?!

Recently, I got hold of The Constitution of TISF. Surprised?! I was too. However I was more surprised after I went through it and got to know that NOTHING IS GOING ON according to this esteemed Constitution! Want to check? Here it is.

First up is the major blow: AMIR SHAHZAD IS NOT THE PRESIDENT TISF!
How I get to this conclusion, you ask.  So here it is:

Article V  of the constitution suggests that:

Section 5.01 Each member of the student council will be elected for 1 year.

Section 5.02 Elections will be held 3weeks before the final exams of fall semester and the council working will start from start of spring semester.

*copied to the T from the constitution.

This means Amir Shahzad was no longer the president TISF from the beginning of this academic year. He was in fact retired by law last year when the last batch was out. In simple words, yes, he is just cloning the President’s post. Amir Shahzad’s tenure ended a year after his election which was held before Dec.20.2012 as he was elected for a year only. Also the elections were to be taken place before the starting of 2014 which, also, didn’t happen.
In bold words this document, due to which TISF was elected suggests:THERE IS NO PRESIDENT TISF!

In fact as the clause suggest that the whole TISF student body is now void. Anybody who holds the posts of TISF is not obligated to do it anymore. In bold words this document again suggests: THERE IS NO ELECTED TISF MEMBER ANYMORE.

Let us move on to the second, I must say, misdeed:

Article VII of the constitution focuses on Society laws. I regret to inform you that if this constitution works then more than few existing societies of TIP are in trouble.
And by trouble I mean: are liable to be Dissolved.

Section 7.02 says a lot which also includes:


(g)        Society needs to organize at least one intra-university activity per semester.

(h)         Society has to organize one inter-university activity, involving and inviting people from other institutes and organization other than Textile Institute of Pakistan.

(i)         Society has to send participants as teams or individual in activities organized by the institutions and organization, at least 2 per year.

*copied to the T from the constitution

I don’t think that after this I need to elaborate any more. Needless to say that some societies have been dormant over the years and others haven’t executed an inter-level event which destroys the concept of being a society: prosperity of TIP.

However, no action has been seen in regards of this.

But let us move on,
Next up down the chart is:

Section 8.02 Information Secretary

 He is responsible to put up all the posters/notices which are provided to him as per schedule.

*copied to the T from the constitution. 

This post was filled by Muneeb Butt but after his graduation this post is vacant. Again the question arises that why is this position not given to anybody? If any seat is empty then the president and the elected members have the right to call for re-elections but there weren’t any.


Section 8.05 Development Secretary

*copied to the T from the constitution

This section is just as similar; post was taken by Farhan Ahmed Khan who was terminated from TISF but after that there was no move to fill this position.
The languor of the council was the reason that 2 posts of TISF are vacant. I cannot say that it does or it does not affect the efficiency of TISF.

The foundations of TISF were revised before the last elections. This constitution was made by students as to meet everyone’s need but is this constitution in working order? And will this constitution still work in the upcoming elections?

I would, here; also like to point out that why didn’t anybody notice it?!! Why the whole student body of TIP- and seriously how many are we?!– didn’t see this before. I cannot fault TISF in any of this when the students didn’t see it themselves. Why nobody came forward with these demands and suggestions? Students of TIP are pros in backbiting-I have heard a lot- but never had the courage to say it on face or on Quack. So after you read this don’t point fingers on anyone.

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  1. Meera, You’ll be surprised to know that there’s no official society in TIP. Cause there’s no paper work done when a society is formed in TIP.

    1. In TIP there are no rules and requirements to create a society.
    2. In TIP there’s no experienced required for a person to create one.
    3. Anyone can be a president of a society cause there are no records.
    4. Funds are not properly distributed in societies cause there’s no official registration.
    5. There’s no faculty member involved who can look after the rules mention in the constitution.

    Wo kehte hain na Allah hi Malik hai. 🙂
    Very well done !! (Y)
    I’m happy that you wrote it!

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