I partied all night, every night!

So, now that the holidays are over, do you wonder what your fellow students did?

44% said “I lazed around and watched some TV”
23% said “I did a great internship which was the best thing in the world”
20% said “I partied all night every night!”
7% said “I went to the mountains/village/abroad to holiday with my family
6% said” I did a useless internship that was an utter waste of time”

Note: These results are from a survey undertaken over the last summer holidays.

One Reply to “I partied all night, every night!”

  1. WEll abid omar wat happened to u when u wre in tip and was enjoying party with something nothing and got a serious set back…but fortunate was with u that u got back..any how luv to see u the editor of this particular TIP sight….AH

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