The only thing that I can say about this article is that the title is precise. Thar and misery goes hand in hand.  So read this article narrated by Adeel Aftab who went to Thar and regaled his story.

When I planned to go 450kms away from my home I didn’t know that after being back I’ll look at things in a different way. To know that I am not just blessed but living in such luxury which only few could afford; to know that I only have to raise my voice to get water and to know food in the evening is not an issue.

I, Adeel Aftab along with my friends; Mir Kalhoro, Umar Zaman, Zair Shafquat and Muqeet Amjad(texpert) and associates form Inspire school of Advanced studies; Taha Faheem Khan Lodhi and Usman Salahuddin Siddique; saw what cannot be unseen.

We saw what would happen to us if there isn’t any water, if the last source of food is few grains, we saw that how will our children die if there is no doctor and the nearest hospital is 8 hours away. We saw how one will feel if he were an animal.
We saw the Chaos, We saw Tears, We saw Desperation. We saw Inhumanity, We saw Greed.

         We saw Misery. We saw Thar.

As soon as we got the necessary permissions to Thar our truck got loaded and we were en-route to the place which the media had targeted as the Desolate. As Karachi goes; we came across obstacles namely the stoning due to some mishap between parties; the windscreen of our truck cracked under the pressure of the stone and our hearts went to throats but we went on. We had already reached beyond our target and got 4.5 tons of aid in which 2.5 was wheat so it had to be given to those in need.

If you had ever ventured to Thar then you must know that you shouldn’t expect anything there expect sand and sun; that we got in abundance. In Thar there is no infrastructure, the roads are rugged, the houses are not something you see in Karachi; the walls are of sand and the roof of dried coconut leaves; the houses which sink under the pressure of whatever little rain they get.

When I and my friends talked to the habitants there we got to know the literacy rate there touches the sky and whichever few students get education, the quality is so pathetic that one of the students repeated all classes till 5 but didn’t have any clue about reading alphabets. The other problem there was that people were addicted to beetle nut; they didn’t care that their family will die of hunger but they wanted their night dose. That’s what we did; we did spread awareness about the demerits of this drug.Sects are everywhere in Thar. The rich doesn’t care about the poor, moreover, the houses in Mitthi are castles as compared to what we have in Karachi but the greed doesn’t allow you to help others. It wants you to be the greatest. The sad news is they don’t know that this life will end. Their castles will crumble and they will answer.

Let me quote Bane from Batman, The Legend Ends:

We take Gotham from the corrupt! The rich! The oppressors of generations who have kept you down with myths of opportunity. And we give it to you, the people. Gotham is yours! None shall interfere, do as you please. But start by storming Blackgate and freeing the oppressed! Step forward, those who would serve. For an army will be raised. The powerful will be ripped from their decadent nests.

Just put Thar in Gotham’s place. And more than Batman; Thar needs Bane.

The plan of Thar was made when we saw the news on T.V but there we got to know how wrong the media was. They showed the major areas of Mitthi, Islam Kot and Nagar Parkar but what of the families those lived in the dessert?!!! We went there. The MNAs that showed themselves as great philanthropist came there at night. You know what you see at night in Thar, Sir?!!! Just stars! So Nisar Khoro thank you for helping nobody. Also Malik Riaz; Sir, we didn’t see your mobile hospitals; May I inquire where you took them?! The best part was that we had the companionship of Mir’s uncle; Mr. Irshad Mehmood who works as a civil engineer there. This guy helped us throughout the tour. Just because of him we were able to help the habitants.

With Mr. Irshad we got loaded into the old kekra(American/Russian) jeeps-donated by the Pak army-and went to Bhakooa, Surr Jonero, Bhaghro Bheel, Bhandhinr Luss and Depario. There was one village containing non-Muslims who didn’t have basic supplies for an hour. There wasn’t any  food and whatever they earn is taken by the ruling groups as taxes and interests. If you ever want to see helplessness; go to Thar.

           The animals are in the same problems as humans, if not worse. You will not miss the dead cows, camels and goats in Thar; they are just outside your car window.

If you want to see the alive ones; just roam about a bit because they are everywhere. And many people may not know this but these ailing animals are the problem. They are dying and spreading viruses. The ones left are not fed enough that they can be utilized as food.

In all of this the most inhumanity we saw was in Karachi; know why?! Because the first question asked after collecting donation was, “kounsa mobile khareedo gee inn paison sai?” the answer that I want to give cannot be posted; as slang is not allowed at Quack.

You think that by doing it once, by giving 500+ families 2 weeks ration we brought a change. So we did not. A lot has to be done. There are 13 lac people who wants your help. Consider yourself blessed and now spread this blessing. Imagine yourself in their places and them at yours. I am sure you wouldn’t want yourself to be ignored and be dead because of no water and food.

We plan to go to Thar again and we want your support. Those who can make a place for those who might be grateful to you all their life; please donate. And those who cannot, at least dont demotivate us.


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  1. Saddening reality it is, aggravated by sickening behissy of the hukamrans. But seeing you guys take up an initiative, to help, contribute.. Very commendable indeed. More power to you, guys!

    On a very relative note; I, myself, visited Thar during the flood catastrophe. Even back then, the condition of the inhabitants was beyond worse. Likewise, the relief efforts carried out by major NGOs were mostly limited to photoshoots, safari trips, and media spotlight. Government?..as expected, blabbered, blabbered, and blabbered. Pak Army, like always, happened to be the only federal institution dedicatedly involved in relief and rehabilitation of the affectees.

    We.. well, almost all; WE JUST WATCH THE NEWS. AND SIGH! How convenient, eh?

    To my comprehension, this is the hardcore black & white reality:

    °Sindh Festival Khappay, Bhutto Khappay.
    °Pak(Lahore)istan Zindabad, Sher aya, Sher aya.
    °Maulana Musalmaan v Yahoodi Agents,
    °Aur haan.. Mr. 1/2Brit~1/2Paki-TelephonicSuperstar-JumboLeader-aka-TheBhai,

    1. Choose your clan.
    2. Prefer the ones cultivated on some preposterous political fallacy and are seemingly adaptable.
    3. Verse them well.
    4. Wall chalk everything that can be chalked.
    5. Obey like minions.
    6. It’s blasphemous to question the judgements of the king lord aka party ka sarbarah.
    7. For Altof Bhoii’s faithful: One way in, Bori way out. Code-name: Na-Maloom Afraad #XXX. Blame it on pathans.
    8. APML what?

    *REPEAT! ..Because ye hi tou democracy ka husn hai. Lulz.

    Ever wondered, this so called democracy is basically a tyranny induced dynastical version of dictator rule, nah?

    ..Yeah. Stay dumb.

    P.s: My view was just a generic reflection. However, if my words, anyhow, offended those who worship these political demons.. I’M NOT SORRY!

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