IBA Students Visit TIP

After TIP’s recent success at IBA, winning the IBA Inter-University Debate 2004 and Best Concept at IBA’s Cross Roads Theatre Festival, IBA students were intrigued enough to find out about TIP for themselves.

On Friday, 26th March 2004, two bus loads of IBA students turned up at TIP. They were treated to an introductory presentation on textiles by Umair Saeed, and an free lunch prepared at our very own cafeteria. And they were given a tour of our campus, especially the studios, and spinning and weaving labs to see for themselves what TIP and textiles are all about.

And they were impressed.

6 Replies to “IBA Students Visit TIP”

  1. ok..to settle ure curiosity abt the conclusion kashif…here is one thing that i quote said by one of my IBA friends who visited..” yeh baat to tai hai kay meray bachay yahan parhain gay”…:)

  2. hmm …dew..thanks..i really appreciate that! but i wanted a conclusion from ABid

  3. Kashif, actually the only conclusion is Dew’s. They visited to learn about textiles, and to see TIP

  4. Ok..Dew drops…thanks for the conclusion…but did he say it to you…i mean what his kids got to do with you….but that guy must really be a you know that to say that!!!!

  5. i m so sorry that i didnt mention my friend’s gender( a female friend) n that it gave such difficulty to some ppl to interpret it n they eventually cudnt help exposing their twisted mind.

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