Idhar ao, tum vote kise de rahe ho?!! #humkheleingepolitics#Elections 2014

NOTE: This article is neutral. This doesn’t show that I support anyone or am against anyone.

Ajj kal TIP me garmi bohat hai and we all know the reason: ELECTION 2014. It is the reason why you find groups in every nook and corner of TIP bend over discussing it.

The key words are: DIRTY POLITICS! Oo la la Oo la la

It is known to happen every year, it’s certainly nothing new but when you see a batch divided into 3 sects you wonder how will this stuff work in future. The 3rd year is cut into 3 parts. One for Adeel’s panel, One for Zairs’ and One for Nofil. 1…2…3.  

Since the beginning of this week the conversation around lunch starts with: han bhai kiss ko vote jararha hai?   And it goes on until we go home.












Lets first look who is standing and for what:

Adeel’s Panel

Adeel Aftab:
Adeel is the current TISF finance Secretary.Now as the gossip goes he has about 50% chance of sweeping the elections as majority of the design is in his favour. Plus, his supporters are clear on the fact that they have seen him work for various events and he will be a good leader for TISF which is in shambles.
But the Negatives are that he was already elected once and though he played a minor part in his tenure he had the power to play Knight which he didn’t.

General Secretary:
Adeela Feroz Shah:

Were we surprised when we saw her name on the nominee list?!! YES MAN! But on the positive side a girl is standing up in a very long time in an all-man territory. *this is good* She, too, has solid support. Her chances of winning are just a bit above her opponent.
Negatives: 1: People are unaware of her, 2: People haven’t seen her work and 3: People are questioning her calibre of work.

Zair’s Panel

Zair Shafquat:

Known as Wolverine; his nomination was also a surprise but people are supporting him because A) he is a new face(maybe he could do better) and B) he has a humble personality. Now, his chances of winning are as solid as Adeel’s. His panel is also strong. Plus, whoever knows him know that he has exposure of outside world as he has performed in many underground bands and have sources to hold events. If given a chance he can prove to be a great President as though; he keeps quiet has smarts to pull off TISF. Also, his face alone has already attracted many.
Negatives: Again, People haven’t seen his work and many don’t know him.

General Secretary:
Raveed Khan:

Man! Now here is a person whose work has been seen by all, his P.R is great and what not!
But there are many things against him.
Many are disappointed that he is leaving his society to become a TISF member. The reason for that is that he has a superb Society which he has built on his shoulders now he is throwing it away for TISF!!? *whathehell!* but again his ability of work is judged and seen by all.
Negatives: Leaving Dramatips and many know that he has a history of being against TISF.

Finance Secretary:
Arbab Khan:

This man has the power to snatch it all. Not because he is standing for finance but because he is standing UN-OPPOSED! But to win this post he has to garner 60% votes. Arbab has support from those who support Raveed and he has worked alongside him in Dramatips.
Negatives: People are questioning his ability to hold Finance other than that he is all set to go.

Nofil Panjwani

Nofil has great P.R, and from first year to fourth year he is known by everybody. He has worked for almost all societies. Plus, people are going for his friendly personality and for the fact that he is a hostelite.
Negatives: people are questioning his ability to hold the President chair.

Since Monday, TIP is brewing with politics: parties are being made, fights are being fought, supporters are bribed, opponents are spreading bad word around, meetings are being held. its all done for a post.

Let’s face it, the perception is that everybody electing is going for one thing: MONEY. The key words are: Paisay Khaiga ya nai khaiga?!
Now, though we cannot say who will and who wouldn’t but we have to select a better person from within. Whatever perception this article creates, I know for a fact, that it won’t affect the votes, itni politics hai. You have to see if you want to Vote for Voice, Vote for Change or Vote for Nofil. But I know this: 16 May 2013 is has never seemed farer!!


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  1. ahhhh…..humray din yaad agaye….
    it seems quite tense…good to see how girl power has come on up after long time…
    May the best person wins… good luck people…

  2. OK. i love this article 🙂 yes am glad that a girl is standing in the man land even if she loose!! yo.
    keep it up meera keep writing..

  3. waisay to log apnay ap ko bht acha samajhtay lekin jb vote lainay ki bari ati to 1 dosray ka vote bank kam krnay k liye politics kheltay bl k politics hi nae kheltay bl k ilzam b lagatay or aisay ilzam jo kbi ye nae bta pay k ye ilzam lagaya to lagaya kis ne
    yeh m talking abt 2nd yer js ne jeetnay k liye gandi politics ki lin lga di or ye nae bta parahe k inhe ye bat boli to boli kis ne
    nd 1 mor thng if ppl r nt votng fr u to dnt say “k shame on u” bl k u guyz feel shame k this iz nt the right way for appealing vote by sayng me larki hon to larki ko vote krna first tim koi larki i hai TISF me jis ko apnay evnt managmnt k assignment k liye ideas nae wo ay hain STUDENT BODY ko represent krnay

  4. nicely written meera! to what majid said i disagree.. aik jaga ilzaam na laganay ki baat ker rahay hoo and last 2 lines main koi aur baat ker rahay hoo.. i think bachpan main mama baba ney paper revise kerna sikhaya hoga!

  5. haha i failed to understand that this is coming from a person jisney apnay management kay event main golgappay beechay thay! =) was it really the best idea you could come up with!?

  6. already elected once is i think is not a negative its experience. and in addition my job as a finance secretary was to keep a record of financials .which i cleared from the finance dept. work which i did for tisf events was an additional service .. yes i did a minor role in my tenure but i did something which i think proves my management and social capabilities . refer to this link

  7. East or West NOFIL is the best..!!
    Vote for NOFIL ..!!!
    :p :p :p :p

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