So what exactly do you do when a senior comes and calls you to the back of the bus, knowing that two people have just been stripped off their shirts? You refuse. But then again that’s not an option. Cause a very wise senior once yelled into my ear, ‘If a senior says you. Do it! You have to do it!’

Which brings us to a very important question, what makes the senior horrific enough to scare away the so-called big guns of our bus? Makes the senior so special that one has to follow each order that flowers its way out of his mouth?

One of the answers is that ragging at TIP is confused with seniority. People tend to forget that TIP is not a military institution where the senior’s word is final. None of us disagree with the fact that the fun filled act is permitted during the first week, with certain restrictions which are regularly breached. But the fun in the act disappears when ragging crosses the limits that make it enjoyable. I don’t think hanging people’s clothes in the front of the bus or tearing their underwear is something that is fun by any means.

It’s most unfortunate that certain senior students understand only the literal meaning of the word senior. They think that being in a higher year is the only criterion and don’t realize that at the end of it all it comes down to the very basics. Knowing when to have fun, and when and where to draw the line.

At the end of it all it was those seniors who knew these rules that earned all the votes. And it is still them we look up to. It’s about time we realized that respect is something that has to be earned and can not be forcefully taken.


  1. Ohhh Wow .. you desperate boy ASIM … you have got all the guts to write a good article. But I will ask you next year when one of your juniors will be passing the very similar comments for you … thats what my experience says. And there is an advice for you man, DO IT BEFORE YOUR SENIORS ASK YOU TO DO IT …. like a good boy, else you would be in trouble.

  2. Ok lemme ask you Talib. Is that the policy you have adapted at your new university?

    By the way, I’m not criticizing ragging. I’ve been ragged. My hair was clipped and I too was drenched. It was all done out of good fun. The main issue I’ve raised in this article is different.

  3. I was not only disgusted at how the seniors on our bus tortured all of the junior guys, i was also angered at the disrespect they showed us girls. having them on our bus was an ordeal in itself but seeing them shout back at girls who politely told them to behave was just too much. and we’re supposed to ‘respect’ these so-called elders…watever. maybe they should grow up before they demand any sort of recognition for being older to us. sad..but true.

  4. Hmm, see Aasim, We all were behaving in the same manner u guys r behaving , Whatever the seniors are doing with u ppl, we also suffered from all these hurdles. Even I went to my advisors and u know wht they said …. RESPECT YOUR SENIORS … thats it … We didn’t have Quack!online at that time on which we could argue, like u did.
    I know, some seniors behave in a very disgusting manner (may be from hostel), can’t say anything about them … They are really JAHILS .. if they are crossing thier limits, thats all I can say.
    And As far as my new university is concerened … there is no concept of ragging here. 🙂
    Calm down dear, just 5 more months to go ….

  5. Right you are Talib. Seniors do deserve respect and they get it too. Until they lose it cause of their own acts. 🙂

  6. Salam:

    I am texpert. These things never happen in TIP during my time. We used to have well-defined limits of each and every thing. TIP, wake up where is the golden tradition or values

  7. hello guys n gulz, i m a texpert from a batch of 2003.graduated last yr.well abt my opinion ..humm..yaar if ur senior says do it …to wo kaam kar lene main bahtari hai …after all wo seniors hain..aur har junior ko aik din senior banna hai…so aap dil bardaashta na hoon bachoon…ye din aap pe bhi aai ga … phir saaray badlay le lena…
    hello hammad mohsin(hammad bhai)how r u?remember me??where are u and wat r u doing now adays?

  8. Ok I have a question. This may sound outdated but it seems relavent here.

    Are you trying to say that if a senior tells someone to jump into a well, the person has to go ahead and do it?

  9. If I’m the senior saying it, then yes you do jump in to a well, or whatever shark-infested waters I point to.

  10. well…Hammad bhai..cant really recall which batch are you from..but i remember the year 1999..i was a new comer then..seniors at the backo the buss..used to throwshoes at he new ladies giving really sometimes filthy remarks..then came year 2000..I still then ..we had a yr senior class to us which tried to tease one gal from our batch or kaafi masla hua tha humara apas main.yeh ragging chalti rahee..year 2003 was the time we were seniors or kaafi bad tameezi hum ne bhi ki..the THING IS..its a part of college life..if some one gets hurt..the problem is well sorted out then by the teachers..magar main ab jab texpert hoon..i remember my first yr days when i was ragged by my seniors and now they are the one..who talk to me taking me as their younger bro..i owe them alot..aese he..aasim sahab..dont think if the seniors ragg you to a hurting extent..they really mean to degrade you!! NOT AT ALL..its sure fun for them then..but laters these are the seniors who are the helping pillars for all you new graduates.

    HUM apas main dushman nahi hain..buss kabhi kabhi apnay mazay ki liye..kisi or ki fiker nahi kerte..but it all ends well on happy note ..TRUST ME

  11. It’s not that I’m against ragging. Like I said, I too was ragged. Some of it was throughly enjoyed while some was tolerated. What I’m saying is that people can’t be forced to do something just because a senior says so. It’s not a milatary institution and we’re all paying good money to study here.

    Secondly you’ve yourself said that people tend to get “badtemeez”. Don’t you think people have the right to retaliate against such behavior?

  12. what i have observed during last three semesters in tip is that it’s up to a person to set boundries and limmitations on people around him.
    there is a very thin line between having fun with juniors and insulting them i agree on this point.
    Tip has a simulated inviornment of that what we will be in after we graduate from here and believe me it’s much tougher than here.There will be many seniors around and no one will protect u so practie ur skills of controlling people around as much as u can till it’s too late .

  13. So aasim whats a matter if senior says do it. I think you can say “I wont do it for you” because i have been tought since a number of years to not to do any favour for elders.

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