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Nothing special… just an opinion This is in response to Irfan Hussain’s “Moral Black Holes Of Our Times” published Saturday August 15th 2009 among the editorials. Unfortunately, this never got to see the light so I figured why not just post it here instead of letting it go to waste. I guess i’m not used to being under the cutting board of another editor yet. Those of you who followed the article might understand, while those of you who didn’t will probably be saying “WTF!” Anyway, here it goes.

On ‘Moral Black holes…’

War and terror have done nothing more than killing innocent people; that is needless to say. In fact, sometimes I wonder why people even bother bringing up the numbers or merely this point just to prove their case. But when hunting down people like Mehsud, this is a price a nation has to pay. After all, the man in question isn’t just your run of the mill criminal. I don’t intend to support US led drone attacks; rather I look at Mehsud’s death as good old fashioned karma. His suicide bombers destroyed families and orphaned countless children and now the death of him and his lady have brought back the same fate upon his own.

Though what I find more ironic is how the ‘western’ man will first accuse the terrorist of committing crimes against humanity, and then upon his death will accuse those who brought him down of murdering innocent people. So it clearly isn’t us (or you) who need a reality check!

I fail to understand; is he really pointing a finger at the Pakistani government for its supporting US drone attacks instead of harnessing its own political and judicial resources, or does he subconsciously make a generalization that all Pakistanis and Muslims are brainless people who fail to fulfill their moral obligations and know nothing more than mass bloodshed? Either ways, what does not change is the fact that Baitullah Mehsud was a dangerous threat to our national and religious identity that had to be done away with as soon as possible; and at any cost. Maybe the ‘western’ man will never understand this because he has yet to see a modern Christian equivalent of Mehsud running havoc across his side of the world; an extremist son of Christ on a ‘crusade’ against elements that threaten the true Christian faith just like Mehsud and his ‘jihad’

Now obviously, Mehsud’s ‘jihad’ wasn’t quite jihad in reality, rather he was just thirsty for power in the honor of religion. People like him (and Sufi Mohammad of the TNSM) denounce our political and judicial systems. They do not believe in democracy and will do anything in their power to destroy it. Hence why on earth do they deserve a chance to be trialed by the same system they seek to destroy for the non-existent hope of being acquitted?

And one fine day if a US done did in fact successfully (or should I say accidently) kill a mass murderer, then why count him in the death tol? As I said, he brought upon himself the same fate as he brought upon others. Good ol’ Karma!