IGATEX 2010 brings Hope to the hopeless.

The 6th International Garment, Textile Machinery and Accessories (IGATEX) exhibition 2010 opened at the Expo Centre Lahore on Friday. Advisor to Prime Minister on Textiles, Dr Mirza Ikhtiar Baig inaugurated the three-day exhibition attended by 450 foreign firms from 33 countries, including 20 from neighbouring India.

Dr.Mirza in his address, mentioned that the new Textile Policy 2009-2014 announced by the government of Pakistan sets ambitious target of $25 billion till 2014 and allows various incentives including concessional financing (LTF) to encourage capital investment in the value added textile industry.He also mentioned that Pakistan was approaching Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and Russia for trade concessions and market access similar to the EU.

“Only trade not Aid can resolve Pakistan’s problems” said Gohar Ejaz(Central Chairman All Pakistan Textile Mills Association APTMA) while addressing at the opening ceremony IGATEX 2010.. He said Pakistan’s textile sector was growing at a rate of 20 percent per annum.He said some 80 countries were already enjoying GSP plus status world-wide. The chairman mentioned that more than one million Pakistani families are likely to be economised within one year as a result of this trade opening.
In addition, he expressed the hope that an investment worth $5 billion would take place in next three years, generating more jobs. Mr.Gohar said only trade and consistent policies can save Pakistan and urged the international community to help it out further on this front.