In their face.

By Waqas Khalid – TS3

Just before starting off with this topic I must remind you people that TIP came 2nd at a drama competition held at CBM. There were many other universities participating but since I am not really good at remembering things, I only remember names such as CBM, TIP, SZABIST, Karachi University, FAST and Indus Valley SAA. The drama TIP performed was “AGE OF EMPIRE”; hah, yes, the one they performed on the recent freshmen gala. Wait a minute, I guess my memory is actually coming back this time. This was the same drama which got very negative criticism from some people at TIP who call the institute’s crowd semi-civilized. Comments were everywhere by these small bunches of people that the drama was not even worth watching plus it had dialogues which according to them were sick. They even had to cover their ears at times. I guess the semi-civilized can finally speak out that what they did wasn’t that bad, infact it was really good, good enough to get the 2nd position among 10 other institutes.

I personally congratulate all the drama team specially Osama Amin (D!) who made all of this possible. To tell you the truth, at first no one supported them, and they had to pay the admission fee from their own pockets. The fee was Rs.2000 and to hear that TIP wouldn’t give you this amount because they don’t have the confidence in you is something really sad. On the other hand majority of TIP supported them. This was what actually made them realize that it was worth paying the money from their own pockets and that’s exactly what they did. At CBM I was amazed to see such a huge crowd clapping their heart out at our show. I actually heard a girl sitting beside me telling her friend to stop talking as she didn’t want to miss anything.

In a few words I think the people who call them civilized should start becoming more responsible, and criticize when it’s needed, not because the other person is from sciences. If people from CBM and SZABIST can actually enjoy our dramas, why can’t we?

Oh, and yes, another thing that I missed out on is that not only did we win the 2nd place, Ali Mukhtar aka DIRTU, student of TS2 won the best actor award.


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  1. Truly spoken waqas, our drama was superb, really brilliant. i really enjoyed it more than i did on da freshmen gala. i was so proud of our drama team, everyone from the actors, the back stage supporters and everyone else who helped out in making it a success. Mehrosh, Osama, Noman, Ali, Bushra, Waqas, Sharjeel and everyone else who worked hard at it, thumbs up for u guys, keep up da great effort u all put in yesterday!

  2. congratulation to you all. i have always knew that in tip there are lots of talents who are hiding in every corner and i am glad to say this that you people don’t come in the category of subconscious hypocrisy since, you people use your talent to prove your self and for that you really deserve an adulation, therefore hats of you and do maintain this tradition of drama in tip since, you have taken the initiative already.
    by the way this calls for a celebration. i wonder if tip is kind enough to arrange a celebration party for this achievement of yours.

  3. yaar one more thing baad mein sir ali hafeez really supported us plus sir munawar was with us till the end and he contributed a lot .. paise tisf se mil gaye hai thanxx to Mr ali hafeez .. plus i was really happy to see that Mr ali hafeez and sir tausif arshad specially came tu cbm to support us. beside them miss faiza, rabab and afsha was with the team all the wayy !!

  4. It was a fantastic performance. I was disappointed we didnt get the best drama award. Congratulations to all who put in the efforts for this.

    PS: Please keep us(texperts) posted about future ventures 🙂

  5. just a line for the critics of D! and sciences

    The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
    Albert Einstein

    Congratulations to u guys who performed in the drama and also to those who were there to support them…

  6. A world of ouch if those taunts were aimed at me, and the article i wrote, but i never thought the drama was bad the first time you performed it. I’m sure you guys brought the house down the second time. Congratulations!

  7. congrats guys for this achievement D!
    n 4 those who think that this article is pointed towards them, well its not its just to awaken the ppl who do nothing except criticizing its 4 them to learn that one should try to participate in any way they can and feel their responsibility instead of criticizing

    hey santa a.k.a arsalan where’s ur magazine???:p

  8. Many congratulations to the students and faculty who made this possible, not to mention the critics who I’m sure drove the team to strive and perform better.

    There’s no harm in criticism. Even the best of Hollywood is criticized.

  9. An awesome performance by our drama team. dat was a combine team effort but few people really made it extraordinary. Yes! Osama, Noman, Ali and Mehrosh. specially the Melange of KATHUK & DISCO Dance of Ali Mukhtar was very fascinating.
    My frnds you have proven “Actions speak louder than words”
    All the thums up for u my frnds and we are proud of u!

  10. “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.”
    – Winston Churchill

    But then again Congratulation on your wonderful Success 🙂

  11. I would like to congratulate the Drama Team which did TIP proud by securing 2nd position. Well done Ali M Khan for your superb effort. I am really sorry to have missed your performance but unfortunately some family committment did not allow me to make it.

    A big thank you to all the faculty and staff members for your support and keep up the good work.

  12. Ali Mukhtar has great potential and talent along with Osama Ameen, Mehrosh and Noman they will do great in future they might even be better then the “4 man show” team!

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