Is Zarrar Zubair the new face of TIP?!

This semester we came face to face with TIP new president, Mr Zarrar Zubair? Was it shocking?! Yes, to many it was. But they are few who knew that it was long time coming.

Mr Zarrar Zubair is a renowned name in the educational community of Karachi. Most highlighted were the years he spent in Pakistan Institute of management-PIM where he taught and trained 170000+ managers from all over Pakistan.  Also under his belt are strategies he made for US companies to increase their turnover. With duties as a president he hasn’t let go of his obligation as a teacher in strategic management and still teaches at a known university along with TIP.

He is all of the above and more; Honest, Down to earth, and the only president I have ever seen who eats in the cafeteria with students.

In his addressing speech he candidly pointed out that had he seen the financial sheets of TIP he might not have taken the job. Saying that the board of directors are tired of spoon feeding TIP and want it to be self-sufficient. His frank attitude was shown further when he said that when heard of TIP he thought that his informer was talking about Telecommunication Industries of Pakistan at Haripur giving limelight to the fact that TIP though is vastly popular in industries it doesn’t top the list of potential students.

He is simply here to turn tables. He has signed a one year contract on which he remarked that if it can’t happen in a year if won’t ever happen.

One thing noted in this guy is that he won’t give you a sugar coated pill; he will just lay it out to you, it’s on you to take it either positively or negatively. Is TIP in trouble?! Yes it is. We all know it but was there anyone before who told you?! No- not to me at least.

I commended him on one article before where he stood and observed and he still does that. He is taking inventory of what is there, what can be there and what is to be there.

He wants TIP to market itself. He wants to market the fact that every TIP alumni is working in some industry and every Texpert gets a stable job as soon as he graces the market. He is entranced by the fact that A-levels students don’t even know that there are fields of Textile and fashion and mostly have their own degrees.

Can you imagine life having only two options-medical and business?! Thank God for TIP. Man, I am outright grateful for it!!

Eavesdropping on his conversation with students during lunch I got to know that TIP will introduce MBA programs till next spring and I already know some of those who are recruiting.  Along with it he has asked students and alumni for help- PLEASE DO HELP. He said that it’s the student who makes an institute and that the alumni should advertise their university. He has planned a poster making event in which the students will make or give ideas of posters to spread the word of TIP.

The fact is that this man is broad-minded. He is open to ideas and won’t blink and pass out on you. He revels in student feedback and knows that TIP has vast potential so much so that it can put a tough competition in the market. What he hasn’t a clue of is why isn’t is done yet. Why is TIP still a black area in the student notebook? Why a campus as beautiful as TIP only holds 300 students?!

Am I the only one who thinks that change is coming?! I don’t think so. I think whoever meets this guy know that something is about to happen. He has a plan and I do really hope that he executes it because TIP is at the stage where something needs to be done and soon. It can’t be dallied along, I can say for sure that I am not the only one who wants to see TIP at its full potential.

So whoever reads this article; Help, please do. TIP needs all hands it can get to put it on the pedestal where it once was.  That it’s once again filled with students who are relentless who are inqilaabi who are true TIP-ians.


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  1. I believe he is one the best president in the history of TIP.. Who is always looking forward for the feedback of students and I believe he is definitely going to bring a change. 🙂

  2. I believe this too, zehra. 😀
    if you have his id, please relay to him about quack.

  3. 1st president of TIP i guess who is so much down to earth and monitor things personally on ground level… i hope there will be change

  4. All the best to our new President. Surely he would turn out to be a great person to bring somehow a change in TIP. We all hope for the best 🙂

  5. Dear students at TIP,
    It is now 23 days since your President, Mr. Zarrar Zubair passed away, suddenly and shockingly for all of us. His children and I, his wife, have read the piece about him titled ‘Inquilab!’ many times over, and are overcome with gratitude and grief every time we read it because we know how much his assignment at TIP meant to him. He was on a roll with dreams and ideas that would have taken TIP to places it had not yet been. We know because he did that once before, for the Pakistan Institute of Management where he worked with complete dedication and commitment for 35 years, the last 18 of which were spent as Director of the Institute. He was recognized for his mild-mannered approach to most situations, as he was for the fact that he solved problems, gave generous advice, persisted in the pursuit of the seemingly unachievable, and ultimately came out successful without compromising an inch of his dignity or his values. His unswerving faith in people made him both tolerant and forgiving of even his worst betrayer. He came to TIP with that strong but generous faith in the ability of people to do good, and ultimately succeed.
    I regret with all my heart, that he was not given the opportunity to impact more than just the tip of the iceberg at TIP. We are helpless before the Will of Allah, but I do question It, in moments of grief. He had so much yet to give and contribute. You, the students , as well as future students were the inspiration behind his plans.
    His children and I would like to dedicate an award to the highest achiever of each year’s graduating class, in his honour. It is a thought as yet, subject to the approval of the respected Management of TIP. However, we will be following up on the thought at a more appropriate time.
    Meanwhile, those of you who knew him, met him, spoke to him or heard him speak are requested to continue to pray for him for as long as you remember him. May Allah bless you all and make your parents, friends and families proud of you.
    With my kindest regards,
    Fauzia A. Zubair

  6. Dear All at TIP,

    Please read and share with as many people as you can, the following Chehlum notice for our dear Zarrar Zubair:

    The chehlum of our beloved Zarrar Rahim Zubair,
    President of the Textile Institute of Pakistan and ex-Director Pakistan Institute of Management, who passed away on 15th August 2014, will be held at his residence 47/2, B-5 Street, Phase 5, D.H.A. Karachi, on Saturday 20th September, 2014, after Asr.
    Dua for his Isaal-e-Sawaab will be conducted before Maghrib prayers.
    Kindly join us to pray in abundance for the soul of an exemplary human being who is remembered as a generous and sincere friend, an upright professional, a loving son and a father beyond compare.
    Olga Zubair [Mother]
    Fauzia Azami Zubair and children, Hafsa and Saif Kazmi, Hamna and Saad Zubair
    Siblings Farhat, Riffat, Shahid and Asrar Zubair and their families
    Brothers and sisters-in-law, Rizwan Azami, Imran Azami, Sadia Farazi, Madiha Shaikh, Maliha Azami Aga and their families.
    Contacts: Saad Zubair 0321-2061680, Saif Kazmi 0321-2993909, Ali Aga 0300-8448731, Hakeem Shaikh 0321-2545808

    Thank you.
    With my gratitude to all who read this announcement, share it and also try to attend the Chehlum to pray with his family for Allah [SWT] to shower eternal blessings upon Zarrar Zubair. Ameen.

    Fauzia Zubair.

  7. Thanx. I have read it. Zarrar was a great friend since 197os when we were students ourselves in Karachi University. Son of VC had to be a good teacher. Always liked his flawless English and Urdu. Great teacher who could s eak on any subject endlessly. Sincere and hel ful erson. One key is not working so I would end here. He will be greatly missed in friends circle and will always be remembered in our rayers.

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