International Organization of Pakistani Women Engineers

iopwe-logo.gif The International Organization of Pakistani Women Engineers (IOPWE) is a leading organization for Pakistani women professionals and student with a goal to enable women achieve their full educational and career potential. IOPWE was founded in August 1995 with the mission of dispelling the archaic perceptions of the roles of Pakistani women in our communities.

What began as a group of women engineers of Pakistani heritage and has evolved into a dynamic organization of more than 250 individuals from varying backgrounds and disciplines and around the globe, all of whom share a passion for empowering women to achieve educational and professional excellence.

IOPWE is incorporated in California, USA and is currently in the process of establishing a non-profit status.


Ongoing projects include networking events, an E-Mentoring program that networks professionals around the world, and an educational scholarship fund that is benefiting girls at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate level.

IOPWE recognizes that in many countries where its members reside, young girls and women find few role models in various engineering fields. This contributes to the low number of women studying engineering and working as engineers. We also recognize that many young engineers want to have mentors to help them advance in their careers.

Over the years IOPWE members have helped many in an informal way by answering their questions using IOPWE�s mailing list and web site. IOPWE is now happy to provide a formal program where students and young engineers can register to find mentors. E-mentoring by IOPWE provides a mechanism to match them with mentors who can answer their career and education related questions. It uses email and other internet services for communication to solve the problem of mentors and mentees not being to meet because of time or geographical constraints.

Another way that IOPWE recognizes and encourages the talent of young girls who have the passion and desire towards a career in sciences and engineering, is the establishment of a need and merit based scholarship program. To date IOPWE has sponsored 13 students at the High School, Undergraduate and post-graduate levels. All these scholarships were provided to students within Pakistan. Several of our graduates are now gainfully employed. This program is constantly looking to grow and expand to benefit more girls of Pakistani origin express their educational desires and goals.

IOPWE Chapters

Currently IOPWE local chapters are established in:

# United Stated
## West Coast
# East Coast
# Pakistan
## Karachi
## Islamabad
## Peshawar
# United Kingdom


IOPWE membership is not only world-wide, but consists of highly accomplished women with many talents. Our membership is currently at 250+ members. If you would like to register as an IOPWE member you can do so using our on-line registration form.

Visit IOPWE.ORG for more information.

bq.. I am forwarding this to Textile Institute of Pakistan , They have a Program of BS Honors in Textile Sciences which is equivalent to Textile Engineering. URL is Very few females are studying in this program most of them go for desiging as parents and students have perception that Textile Engineering is not meant for females.

Mariyam: Please publish this article on your website. We’ll appreciate your help. And look forward to have some representation of IOPWE at TIP.

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  1. it’s only for women, so if u have any sister studying in a professional institute she can also join “iopwe”

  2. as it’s a women organization, if u have any sister studying in a professional institute she can join “iopwe”

  3. Nice to see Pakistani women doing something for the welfare of society……..good mariyam

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