Is conserving the solution for inflation and food crisis around the world?

By Rahim Jindani, TS2A

We all are so concerned nowadays about being environmental  friendly more over, concerned of conserving things but belive me all this will never ever help neither you nor me. It will always some how or the other increase the crisis because the more you put your efforts to do so the more you will be requiring energy and the more energy requiring means more consumption and intake of diet.

So what will help us out of this situation. Is there any way? Can it be stopped by the world bank or some of those G8 members who are so concerned and are also facing these problems. The answer is NO they cant help you out! Well, then what will help us out?

I just focused on my daily routine and work that one performs and I was amazed to see that the day I woke up early and meditated, I felt more of in control of my diet and other work. I could feel the lightness, I could feel the experience within my self and my soul. I was truly more of in control of all things the day i did all this and more over the food intake was minimal and it felt as if I wasn’t hungry all day long.

Similarly I practiced the otherwise the other day didnt had my prayers or meditation the other day and wow! I was totally amazed to see how bad that day was for me. All things went wrong that day, my inner self was no more in peace and I was in anguish all day long. My food intake was increased to a greater extent and I needed more and more to eat every now and then.

I believe we all experience these things in life but we dont clearly focus on such small things. My question to all humanity is: Why dont we focus ?

We all have answers right besides us but we try to unsee these answers. We become blind folded and neglect these issues of life which make the basis of our life. Our religon teaches us to have a balance in our lives and take our religion and worldly matters together but we quite neglect the sayings and the teachings. We seem to think that we are more genious and more intelligent and we will over come all such problems. I believe we are moving in wrong directions and we need to focus on our worldy acts that we perform. There are reasons for every action and there are reasons for everyone to believe in these actions that we perform.

I would conclude with this that the humanity must think upon what they are acting and why they are acting the way they are before it is too late to make one ends meet.

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