Is that “Eqbal Ahmed” visible now???

Back to the campus this semester, the students noticed Eqbal Ahmed and his remarkable campus that he started a bit clearer than before. A moderate buzz seemed to spread around as to notice the reason of such open and free view of the brown textured walls of the campus especially outside the student center that weren’t quite visible before. It wasn’t hard to mark the differences as some of the Trees went missing.

It was first noticed a few days before the semester actually started for the convocation ceremony. Volunteers along with the students passing out got a surprising thought as they saw EQBAL AHMED Student Center wide and clear from far which was a bit hard to see between the branches when there used to be trees around it. Although everybody was busy in their respective jobs and gathering memories, no one really gave it a thought that to make it visible, the branches should have been chopped to give it a decent look rather than chopping down the whole trees.

Moving on with the full-time academics, the buzz again took its full strength among some intellectuals only because everybody else went on noticing and admiring the alternate natural beauty – The FRESHMEN rather than the missing trees. Everybody knows that newer versions outdate the previous ones so similar thing happened with the natural green beauty to the blushing pink beauty. Then there were events and classes and all the normal routine stuff that happens but no one cared of the trees that were gone missing.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, some more trees giving shade to our great pond went missing too. The remains also vanished as if it was never there. The only question that arose was that what its fault was or why was it chopped down because there was no EQBAL AHMED written near it that it was unintentionally hiding. Unfortunately, we still couldn’t come up with a reason to justify this action so maybe this happened because we never spoke and so another tree went missing.

To all those it may concern, just for your information, we already have lost a bunch of our mascots – The Geese (turned into soap-dispensers), a half made Cricket ground, a couple of our working staff (some did came back), and now slowly and gradually, these Trees. Maybe it isn’t right to interfere in the issues of the management or their work but, for sure, it is our right to seek out what is going wrong around us. So, speak now because it is better than to mourn when all of our dear trees would have gone missing.

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  1. Nice article Ahsan. Glad to see at least ONE person with the will to write on his own. Keep the dice rolling!

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