Israel’s Outrageous bombing at Labnan

beirut.jpgI have simply lost my words to express the pain and grief over the killings of tens and thousands of innocent children and unfortunate citizens of Labnan. This is not the first time we have witnesses this kind of barbaric attacks but their history is full of such an outstanding show of courage. This time they won’t be needed any fake evidence like `weapons of mass destruction` and just have started a war by merely kidnapping of their two beloved soldiers.

One could not help think of such an act of violence and brutality against the naive people who are wondering at the soaring death and slaughter staged for them. What is their fault? Why this cruelty? How many people will it take to make the world a better place? Why this deafness?

Israel the illegitimate child of united state has her full support to bomb the people regardless of faith, color and skin as they believe in justice and equality. They are a sheer ambassador of freedom and equality on earth, freedom from food, freedom from home, and freedom from life. Yes they simply bomb people to cease them to very existence. Free from all worries. Don’t you think it’s an amazing and inventive way to add quality into life?

This time we are at the cross road in this battle of recourses which you can call a clash of civilization. We have not asked to choose between right and wrong but Bush’s ultimatum to the people of the world­ `Either you are with us or you are with terrorists`. yes I am with the terrorists and I even don’t need to give it a second thought. If the innocent children, women and people whom you are not even ready to give the right of defending themselves are terrorists, then I am with them. We are with them (I assume).

Postscript: As I write these lines it’s been more than a month to Israel’s invasion of Labnan and now UN Security Council has passed a resolution to stop the war. It’s interesting. You shower missiles at your neighbors and since you are tired, therefore you need a rest. After some time you will be ready to give privilege to someone else.

Here in Pakistan we are celebrating our 59th anniversary of independence with such extravagance as we have eradicated poverty and corruption and have discovered another planet. Our leader instead of having an organized army and nuclear arsenal did not even dare to condemn the Israel in some courageous manner. It’s a pity for us. If we do not wake up to voice ourselves more comprehensively then they won’t mind you next …will the real Pakistani people please stand up. Please wake up. Please stand up.

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  1. The entire muslim world, especially the arabs are to blame.

    Israeli Zionists are only following the instructions laid out in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

  2. We can’t blame only Arabs Muslims for that as we could not solve this problem by merely writing and condemning Israel. However we should sweep before our on door first. Here in Pakistan we are pulling each other’s legs. People, politicians, provinces are fighting with each other. Because of dictatorship in the country we are busy in war against terrorism, so we can’t pressurize Israel to stop this cruelty against our brothers and sisters.. .

  3. very sad very sad now the story is over with the depth of sorrow so israel army is back in their cabins

  4. if you pronounce it in Arabic, it’s Labnan.
    same difference, at least we can make out what he’s talking about.

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