6 Replies to “Israeli children send love messages to Lebanese children”

  1. hi furhan why do u think like this since they r innocent thats why yeah upto some extent you r right but always children move through their parents so wat they r doing bombing and killing labanees children..any how plz put evidences

  2. @Faiz ul Hassan

    I don’t quite understand what you mean by putting evidence because this is no conclusive article, but just some pictures, the source of which has been clearly mentioned if u look carefully. As for any evidence, I’m sorry, but I have only as much proof about the above as I have about Israel bombing Lebanon, if u know what I mean:)

    Also, I agree with u when u say that children are innocent, and they obviously aren’t bombing Lebanon. Where did I say that? It’s an adult driven army that bombs people, u know. đŸ˜€

  3. i can understand the need for raising awareness but i cant comprehend the need of puttin up such pictures wasnt the article enough?

  4. quite innicent u r as well furhan i hav mentioned that they r the children of their parents so can few ones from them in militry or not since militry is bombing than my words r right…must i ask u am i right…..r u innocent or not..

  5. @Javeria

    As I said, I saw these pictures and found them emotionally disturbing; related as they maybe with the article, I felt the need to share them with others, so I put them up. I still don’t find any legitimate argument from you as to why I should not have put up these pics.

    If you felt that these pictures were intensely disturbing for you, you should have paid attention to the note. As far as the rest of the people are concerned, I’m sure they are mature and old enough to handle it.

    @Faiz ul Hassan

    I apologise if I may sound rude to you, but I’m having a hard time trying to comprehend your point and mosaic of words. Do you mind rephrasing that? Thanks.

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