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Last year and this year a number of issues came up which the student body due to certain uncertainty stayed quiet on but I think these issues should be brought in consideration of the administration, faculty and the students who are unaware.

Last year the examination system and the papers deserved high criticism. Two question papers were of the previous year and to the extent of the dates not being changed from Dec 2004 to Dec 2005. One subject, which was shared by two disciplines of 2nd and 3rd yr, was scheduled to have papers on two different dates. The examination committee should have been smart enough to schedule them on the same date firstly, if not should at least then not have an issue with the same paper being jumbled up and given to both and criticize the teacher of his incompetence. What about their own incompetence?

The subjects that were being shared by the sciences as well as the management students, were being taught by the same teacher were not being taught the same syllabus on time. Not to forget that the sciences are taught something else for the same topic and the management something else. The consequences being two different answers in the paper, none of them being aware as to which is the right answer and they bombarding the teacher with arguments and the teacher going crazy.

The teachers should be priorly informed about the result submission date by the concerned authority, by priorly I mean max till the mid of the semester. When not done so, the teachers end up tumbling the students with final projects and pressure them with submissions weeks earlier than the date they were informed at the beginning of the semester. The teachers making life hell for the students and the students whining about teachers.

The designer teachers evaluate on basis of a discreet criterion and the students who subject to questioning them are graded with grades C. is the right to speak or the freedom to speak and the right of justice awarded with a grade C so that the students shut their mouths up every time they notice an equal issue?

These were some of the issues circumferencing the faculty and examination committee, not to forget the other issues
The administration needs TO UNDERSTAND THAT STUDENTS DON’T HAVE BANKS AT THEIR OWN HOMES. The administration tends to always send us letters from their so called efficient courier services, but the courier services always deliver the letters a day or two before the final due dates. How on earth do you expect us to arrange such a huge amount of money in a few hrs time???? On enquiry you are greeted with statements as k jee yeh hamara masla nahin hain…aap in sai baat karlain…UN sai baat karlain…and guess WAT? THE “UN” IS NEVER ON SEAT!!!!

The faculty usually tends to sing around that we don’t take a decision for the students without consulting them first. Ahan yeah rite! What about the hostel or the cafeteria issues? This semester they have come up with a weird policy about the hostel accommodation, I hope all of you would know what am referring to! Not to mention the increased Rs.6000 in the accommodation dates. We also have heard a rumor about no accommodation available to the Karachiites. As in who else are they going to give the rooms to if not us??? Kya poora hostel khaali rakhna hai? And excuse me with due respect what about fourth yrs who have thesis issues and what about the designers who have to work like crazy weaving? They are supposed to stay where? And if they stay late weaving they are supposed to leave the campus at 9 at night??? Not to forget they are girls. What about management and sciences students who can’t or due to some other reasons cant work in groups at homes and have to stay at the dorm?? YEH DECISIONS KIS SAI POOCH KAR LIEY JARAHAI HAIN? What about the hostel presidents and hostel students?

The cafeteria!! Huh!! Every now and then the hostel presidents and the cafeteria committee are called upon to share their views about the hygienic food conditions, and share their ideas on improvement. This is all the committee does? What about actually implementing them?? Do they even understand the meaning of the word ACTION? Or where did the DO PLAN ACT and CHECK theory go? We have actually gotten tired complaining about the cafeteria but all in vain!!

The library issues they don’t ever end. I mean cameras are supposed to keep in view the activities going in the library. What about the ones going on outside the library? What about having a camera fitted outside the library door? A number of cell phones, folders, wallets, and notes have been stolen right outside from the library door. Not to forget during the dead week when the entire hostel residents are trying to study are informed that entrance to the library first floor is prohibited and you are forced to study with 50 students who also are unable to study along with you in all the noise. On enquiry the librarian fails to give you a satisfying or at times no reason at all for the stupid policy. PLZ EXPLAIN!!

And these were a number of issues I could just think of putting down on paper. I am sure there must be zillions of issues, which the entire student body would be willing to add on. People write. Make yourself heard. You need to backup my article in order to let the administration, faculty and higher authorities know that THIS IS WHAT WE THINK and YES WE ARE RIGHT TOO AND JUSTIFIED!

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  1. i have heard that now karachiites can stay.But i sure wish they d make up their minds about what they want

  2. I’ve always screamed my brain out at the way this institution functions. I wonder what they mean by the term, ‘the most democratic institution in Pakistan’. Anarchy is all I see. I’ve complained about our problems to the relevant authorities time and again, without any support from fellow students who feel their grades might suffer if they voice their opinions loudly – I have one word for them – wimps!

    Anyways, I’ve been told to shutup, which I feel is difficult for me, ofcourse, until I become immune to this place’s disfunctioning! Almost everyone agrees that the management of this university needs help.

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