Its the end of Quack as we know it

And what a year it has been! Since our first online article on August 22nd, 2003, we have had 271,841 hits from 15,292 unique visitors transferring over 1.3 gigabytes of information to over 50 countries. Today we have 169 articles written between 30 registered authors, with 1179 comments. That’s an average of over 4 articles and 30 comments per week. Could we dare ask for more?!


TISF members Abdul Saboor and Saad Munir did us especially proud, writing 11 and 9 articles respectively. In the runners up are Masood Arif and Adil Marvi with 8 articles each, and Aasim Ahmed (7), Sana Kamaluddin, Sidrah Nadeem and Waqas Sultan (6), Ali Raza Merchant (5). And Karim Kabir with his many anonymous articles. Our heartiest thanks are extended to all our contributors, including Abid Raza, Arslan Piprani, Mariyam Binte Ahmed, Mazhar Moosani, Omer Aarbi, Rabeela, and Saad Elahi. In Comment Leaders we have Alamgir with 79 comments, Munawar (72), Ali Kazme (59), and Texperts Kashif Jamil Abbasi (68) and Usman Khan (61).

Quack, like the TISF, stands to represent the students at TIP. The TISF as a forum puts a voice to the student body, a voice that is heard. Quack! Online is an extension to that that voice. And we have been heard loud and clear!


Aha! The above picture is proof that people actually do read Quack! So you are not alone! Yes, as you can see from this pictures, it’s just not the geeks or nerds (or closet geeks!). Often, its also the faculty. You think Quack! is dull? Come up with better ideas for next semester. Meanwhile, best of luck with your exams. A-khir, deikhain mein Quack! Online keh liyah likh kar kaisa ho gya!

4 Replies to “Its the end of Quack as we know it”

  1. You are right ABID. People really read it as i myself have witnessed that if any of some different type of comment is posted people really discuss that specific comment. Good yar very good

  2. HY abid . how r u . ur efforts are well in front of us . let see wat happend when the new yearers will arrive . til then tata .

  3. I have reopened #tipians on MIRC DALNET. I know no one uses MIRC any more..but for the sake of a platform after you get back home and relax ..refresh on can be a help..any one who is interested in becoming Operators for the channel can contact me on my email address. if some one wanna take over the channel to further improve..i will be more than happy..

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