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Students are given the right to chose which discipline they want to take admission in and they should use this right wisely. I know every student before taking admission in TIP consult a lot of people, friends, seniors and teachers as well as they analyze their own abilities according to which they take one of the most important decision of their lives that is to decide whether they are fit for BBA, Apparel, Sciences or Designing. And once they spent four years in their respective fields, when it comes to doing job, texperts seems to shift their interests. For instance, management graduates entering into processing, a sciences graduate going for merchandizing or marketing and designing graduate going for pattern making. I am not saying that this is the wrong approach. Everyone has a right to explore new grasslands. The thing is our textile industry is at the stage where we need professionals, which mastered their fields. There are lots of vacancies in processing, weaving, knitting and spinning for which mostly textile sciences graduates are fit. They know each and every technicality, which a designer or a management student is not taught nor they have in depth understanding. Likewise, for merchandizing and marketing, BBA students fit in more than others. And similar is the case for pattern making, spreading, and cutting where an apparel student has more grasps. A designer is more aware of fit, styling, incoming and outgoing fashion forecasts and developments so they have their separate job requirements and textile industry needs a lot of designers. When designers decide not to pursue designing as their career rather going for management or sciences jobs then this disturbs the natural decorum of textiles industry. I am not hitting any one discipline in particular, just giving out random examples to make my point of view clear. When TIP takes in a particular number of students for different disciplines, they have forecasted that four years from now, we’ll be providing the textile industry with this much of sciences graduates, this much of management, this much designers and this much apparel graduates but when we enter into jumbled up jobs we not only made the forecasting go wrong but this also adversely affects the industry though we may not notice it. So my question is why do designers find interests in merchandising? and why do management students with not a strong understanding of chemistry and physics want to go into wet processing? Why sciences students want to make their way into planning and floor engineering? Why not go into that field that is meant for you and leave other vacancies that are not meant for you. I just wanted to raise this, as I was very confused seeing all graduates going into cluttered up jobs.

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  1. well Aisha…may b ur not awre of de fact dat thr are dozen of scince students who r still waiting for jobs in der respective depts… although all of them ve recived offers 4m merchandizing/marketing depts…De reson been production jobs r not available in market…soooo;)

  2. magar aisa ho nee sakta. shayad woh log sahi textile mills main CVs nee dai ray hon gay ya phir salaries kum hon gee warna i know textile is a vast industry aur wahan pay processing, knitting, spinning, testing, weaving main job vacancies na hon aisa tu nee ho sakta. i am not at all against sciences people going into marketing and merchendising. They are always welcome anywhere 🙂 Bus aisee i thought many views would come up if i raise this topic.

  3. Aisha, you asked me to comment on the article..well here I go

    reading your article half way through, it seems that you have allotted job responsibilities to every discipline by your self .very less considering other aspects

    If one is a sciences student , doesnt mean he is taught technicaly every thing to handle the production floor..first of all see the course outline..since i had been a sciences studnt course out line had a bit of every thing..we did not go deep into any of the textile sector be it spinning, weaving, dyeing or knitting or even stitching (although we think we were taught too indepth knowledge). Compare our course out line with that taught in NTU faisalabad or SAFDAC, you will come across the differences.

    Being a sciences a student I was fascinated towards weaving..I even took my final thesis at the start of the 4th yr in the subject of my liking, how ever it was the 8th semester and the tutorials i took from Adil Moosaji which made me realise that though weaving was my priority a year back how ever I have found a new career line which matches my style of facing things. So that day i decided that i would be a merchandiser when i would graduate

    similarly..i had seen a lot of students from my clas who wanted to be dyers but changing minds towards printing when they took clsses from Aslam Khan.

    Your statement that freshmen discuss in detail with different people before acepting TIP as their career be frank..after passingt he intermediete/A levels..85% of the student do not even know what they would do if they get into textiles and graduate one fine day..Like take my example again..before entering TIP..i wasted my 6 months in indus valley taking short courses cause Although Textiles facinated me but i had a limited exposure that when one talks abt textiles..that means “Designing” just like many students even after graduating from TIP describe merchandiser as a middle man betwene the buyer and the vendor!

    CUrrently I feel Textile industry requires skilled people who know enough to know how to swim in this deep sea..this little bit is quiet much available in every textile student and so they are succesfull..just a passage of a few gud years in a perticular sector and they are as gud as any one! that is why there also many examples like Husham Yousufi from the batch of 2000 who worked for 4 years in the processing department and then opted for marketing and doing equally gud!

    Sufiyan Ashraf (the first guy to get straight 8 semesters GPA ) started his carer from MFTM as a production guy and now is marketing dyes and chemicals. Same is the case with Mr. Adnan haider 1999 graduate who was in production/processing and now seeing Quality of home textiles!!!!


    Students should join the field which they think they can best serve..and even if in the mid way..they think something better has come across acording to their liking..ten Y not go for it! after doesnt give chances to every one must avail them!

  4. yes great suggestion! infact teachers do help. Like students used to consult Adil Moosajee for their career choice and Rabya Shah used to be a great guide when she was a teacher in TIP.

  5. I guess counseling sessions should not be held. an average TIP student is not even giving 50% of his attention to his academic would he give any heed to the sessions being implemented?

    WHat i need to say is, if a counselling session is held, I can guarantee that majority of the students’ population would be sitting in the cafe or would have left for home or even gone to the hostels for a sleep rather attending the counselling session.

    The best idea is that students them selves should take some time out from their schedule and dropping by the office of their favorite faculty member isnt a bad idea at all for a couple of minutes only. Rabya SHah and Adil Moosaji, did not hold group counsellings to tell the students what they should opt for, infact those who were interested to build their career themselves approached them! discussions shoulf be held for graduating batches to teach them how to face an interview envt! That is a MUST!

  6. Kashif i really appreciate tht u have taken up this issue over here…. u have been very generous by explainin the story in very simple words 🙂
    Its indeed a shame and i feel I feel awful by hearing it from you and others, let me tell the name ….guys it was sapphire……. And sister concern of plan where I worked, Kashif ws there for over a yr and we plp worked hard in getting TIP gradu names in good books…… it really lets us down as well.

    Kashif we have been part of most notorious batch of TIP, we did all but never acted so dumb in practical field, u can c tht our batch did good and everybody is wel-settled Masha Allah.

    Guys industry is shifting to Punjab and there are few big players, I see in less thn two yrs plp shifting form khi to lhr for jobs and if we kept on doing this thn u’ll plp be hot waters.

    Take ur interviews seriously, interviews don’t represent u but ur institutions which most of us are proud of ……… I hope faculty will take notice of it.

    Kashif thnks again to bring it up here ……. Its something very serious …… I support u on this

  7. well , very convincing arguments by Kahif bahi.
    i agree with it. we held very intersting meetings before graduating in TIP hostel , (yar konsi field ache ha ?)… my opinion is always that one should know his capabilities & interst and leave evrything else .

  8. It is shocking to hear about such non-seriousness during interview! Kashif bhai has narrated the story in another post too and it’s really shameful. The sad part is that not only TIP’s image but reputations of great texperts like Usman Khan and Kashif Jamil Abbasi went at stake

  9. Usman is right, Industry is slowly and gradually shifting different places, leave aside Punjab. A few years from now youll be amazed to find production houses in the frontier region as well! these days the Govt is trying hard to make all those products being prepared at the FATA and adjoining areas “duty free” for exports to the US, obviously there is a possibility then that many gud names start investing there too!

    to be honest, i particularly feel, the guys who went to Sapphire and gave interview were quiet serious , I mean they did not go there with an intention to have fun! I know they were without a job since 2 months and each of them wanted to fill one vacant position desperately!so obviously they wont be fooling around.

    While I talked to the guys and they gave me the feed back, I realised that what ever answers they uttered were in sheer innosence & showed that non of the faculty member even cared to give them a training session. I remember during our times Shakel Ahmed and SHamim Noorani took a 45 minute session in which they both shared with us the tactics to deal with different interview sessions! If a guy is giving a reason that he is job less since two months just because he is not getting a job any where; this doesnt show he is a slacker; but shows he wasnt tutored to rise up to that occasion!

    If a guy who has a 2.9 GPA and a major thesis in wet processing and still doesnt know that singeing comes before desizing; it is not his fault but those who marked him with a 2.9!!!

    I understand that TIP’s teaching mechanism is facing monotony but this should not carry on, parents invest 0.5 million over their child with a forecast that one day they would be repaying them for the sacrifices theyr making today!

    Usman and I are not greats, not at all! we are simple texperts, graduated from TIP, who when hear that a newly born institute’s graduate with a fee structure 50% less to ours is much better than the product we chrurn out. IT HURTS!

  10. Kashif bahi, usman bahi,

    What should I say? I am not going to defend any one but definitely Institute should play its role for arranging training session (Interview tactics) for graduating batch. We have placement office but we need to see that how we can improve its role and make it more mobilize.

    Well I am proud to say that all the guys from TMM (2006) got very good jobs and just few remained.

    Of course, it is responsibility of Institution to hold such training sessions but definitely we, (Texperts) are also responsible to provide guidance and support our juniors in their careers.

  11. If on average TIP students aren’t even giving their 50% to academics, how can one expect them perform well in the industry? Or is that what the industry wants?

  12. Aasim, Student life is very different from professional life. Almost everyone performs well in professional life because its practical performance and its about picking things and observing the system of how things are being done. While student life is all imagination and we just put that imagination into words and score marks accordingly.

    Kashif bhai i am using you as an example because mostly you are the best reference in these situations 🙂 Kashif bhai was an intelligent student but used to give very less attention to studies but see he is MashaAllah successful in his professional career.

    So there are lots of people who might not be good students but they do wonders once they come out of student life!

  13. Dear Kahif Bahi, Usman Bahi:

    I got one news today that after getting disappointment with “Tipians”, STM 7 management decided to go for interviews in one of the universities of Lahore for filling vacancy for which our texperts gave interviews.

    It is ours institutions’ failure, but in other words, it is our failure. It is failure of all!!!

    This news really pushed me to think that how our Institute management can improve role of its placement office.

    Ø Management should arrange proper training sessions for graduating batch.
    Ø Faculty should encourage counseling.
    Ø Textile industry in Punjab has more opportunities for Texperts, but I am sorry to say that few factories know about TIP, so management should arrange some seminars in Punjab to avail this great opportunity for its students.
    Ø Placement office should effectively and actively co-ordinate with TIAF.

    Ø A student gets insight of industry environment during internship, but the progress of each student should be monitored by placement office on regular basis.

    We should support and encourage our juniors to prepare themselves for industry challenges.

  14. SOme great ideas here Rizwan. We’ll hopefully be implementing atleast some of them.

    I’m looking forward to invite a few texperts to just talk to the students about key decisions that they will need to take in their final year during some of the TISF time slots.

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