Judges Restored. Now what?

People people!!

Judges have been restored. Chief Justice Ifktikhar Chaudary is back!! Will this be the change? Is this judiciary the real/honest one? Is this what we all have wanted. Were our judiciary right before their deposition? Who is at fault and who is right?

Here; I would like to post a song written by Aitezaz Ahsan and sung by “Laal Band” which is hugely marketed and promoted by Geo TV.

I forward my questions to the youth of today!! Help me out here…I just don’t know whom to follow!! I just don’t know who is right and who is wrong!! This song is abviously sung by a young singer. Is this really the youth perspective?

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  1. “This song is abviously sung by a young singer. Is this really the youth perspective?”

    Looks like youth does not have any perspective.

  2. I guess most people miss out the concept and story behind ‘LAAL’ and walk around it as a newly opened teen voice shop.

    ‘Laal’ or the color red has special meaning attached with it. Go back to the article on slums by Rabbiya. The comments highlight something that has deep connection with LAAL!

    This, my friend, is not just a youth group’s voice, but the voice of a movement that has scared world superpowers wet 😉

  3. i like laal too. mai nai us sai ye kaha is real nice, though prolly thats because its habib jalib’s.

    Also, I share nadeem paracha’s views on most laals going green with time. And I relate to his witty critic about laal generating capital through their album sales and not giving share to jalib’s family which apparently is in need of support.

    In any case, I hope laal movement survives.

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