Just a minute! – Talking Textures ’06-’07

By Hassan Mehmood TS3-A

“Yaar mujhay be dena!”

This was the reaction that most of the students had when Talking Texture 06-07 were being distributed by the CR of the class. Every body was keen to have a look in the much awaited talking textures which was to be published way back, but due to the keen interest shown by the much responsible people who handled the publications, it was delayed a bit.

If you wouldn’t have been told before that it was the magazine being distributed and if the title would not have been there on the cover page, I would have thought of it as a magazine which can only be seen and read when the room is locked and the faith of an individual is at its lowest point. Hope every one agrees that this might have been the magazine which the publishers want to deliver through such images on the front page.

If I’m not mistaken, members of this publishing team were in forefront to criticize the drama prepared by TS3 for the vulgarity shown in the auditorium. May be they were not satisfied just by criticizing, so in order to take revenge from them, they decided to launch Talking Textures in a new way; i.e. by showing vulgarity. These people should feel very happy and proud because they have definitely won the competition comprehensively.

The thing which makes one laugh sometimes is that if the same thing is done by one lot, they are melay, and if they themselves do it, (Which they have done quite beautifully and openly in the talking textures they published), they are called burgers.

Not only did they depict their filthy thoughts on the front page but also in different pictures on various pages in the magazine the most pathetic and filthy comments one can imagine.

To conclude, I feel that the responsible people have very well resisted their temptation for including some pictures from a porn website and they must be appreciated for this effort.

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  1. I’m going to speak on my part and there won’t be anymore of it later. So read this carefully, and all of it. Firstly, when writing an article like this, we should focus, instead of writing everything we can think of and blaming it on a group of people. For example, the delay in launch of TT.

    Secondly, amongst a team, you divide work, which means different parts of the magazine were handled by different people, for example, I proofread the articles. Find a single major, justifiable problem there.

    The main problem is that it is the coverpage, the editorial and the bloopers which most people have issues with. I do too. It’s wrong. I’ve been vocal about it in front of all those who cared to ask me about it. But then, it’s not always right to shun the entire magazine because of its cover.

    Thirdly, what’s this foolish rant about the ‘publications team’ being in the forefront in criticizing that play by D! or their other efforts? I am a part of the publications team and I never gave a single comment about their performance so how dare you drag me into this? I’m taking this personally because you’re generalizing! Stop being a lagayee bujhayee wali maasi and spell out names!

    Fourthly, even if certain other publications members did criticize that play, it was their opinion, and what makes you conclude that they did not criticize and protest against the offensive part of the magazine??

    So hopefully, this should clear out your misconceptions, and you’ll be nice enough not to generalize and accuse the way you have in this article, in future.

    One last thing, food for thought; why didn’t anyone criticize the gambling event that took place last semester in the college’s very own lecture theater? I’m talking about ‘Tambola’. The way it was played, with the involvement of money, what Islamic definition of ‘gambling’ did it not fit? Isn’t gambling haraam? Where were the maulvis and moral police then? Gambling isn’t even debatable, the magazine is. (Which does not mean that I’m siding with the offensive bits in the magazine.)

  2. I wont bother justifying myself. I’ve never had a problem with any D! performance except with a certain amount of vulgarity present in ‘the girl next door’. A member of your D!’s own performing group also agreed to what a lot of us were saying.

    I openly consider D! as TIP’s only dramatic society, and I wont allow myself to be targeted in any way whatsoever.

    Whatever I have done in the magazine has my name on it, and I am proud of it, including the cartoons. I didn’t choose them out. I barely knew any of the people I made cartoons of. They were decided by people of their own class who knew them better. It’s easy to comment on things. And I am always willing to face criticism if I deserve it. But this time I don’t.

    I had no knowledge of the cover, the editorial, and the bloopers. And nobody who really knows me would ever expect an explanation from me.

  3. You can not blame the whole magazine team for the cover, moreover relating the drama issue with magazine is again irrelevant. Every one had played his/her own part in the magazine and some of the people had done a great job but yes I too disagree with the way cover page is designed.

    It should not be there like that!

  4. A member of your D!’s own performing group also agreed to what a lot of us were saying

    i am that member and i still accept that the drama had some level of vulgarity in it. but it was the same drama on which majority in the auditorium clapped but then criticized and hira u r also among the ctiics so no need for false justification over that drama….. let me add one more thing regarding the drama….. just because of the vulgarity shown by few people every one was criticized because they were the part of it…. so solely because of the vulgur nature of the Editor-in-chief the whole team is being critisized. May be Furhan and Hira u both were not involved but atleast u were a part of it and for that u both tried to justify ur self it is fine but where is the real culprit???? Editor-in-chirf is the same person who criticized the vulgarity in the drama to the maximum.. so is talking about SEX and showing such picture not vulagrity or is it BURGERISM????

    “we felt that the drama was vulgur therefore, we accepted then why dont u ppl????”

    Other thn these vulgur things and the part written about/for the Hostel people, the rest of the magazine is all fine

  5. so is talking about SEX and showing such picture not vulagrity or is it BURGERISM????

    “we felt that the drama was vulgur therefore, we accepted then why dont u ppl????”

    Hi. Did you not read our replies, Billu?

    That is all.

  6. @ billu
    Read my criticism of your play again. I’m the first person who appreciated the dialogues and acting. Spare me the victimization policy.

    And I guess you’re right,as members of the publications we should be held responsible for the magazine as a team. But individually I would like to know if there are any issues with my articles or my drawings of the cartoons (not the substance, for i didn’t choose how people were to be portrayed). Those are the only parts of the magazine i will hold myself accountable for.

  7. ‘BURGERISM’ is a myth you use to justify yourself…..
    anyways…. much to your anticipation……. i have replied……!

  8. 🙂 .. people here are acting like the criket board of pakistan .. jab bhe pakistan match harta hai the selection committe blames the captain n so on ! :0)

  9. and a good captain does take responsibility for his actions and team-mates…… unlike the pakistani cricket team… 😀

  10. @ furhan

    i did read ur post that is why i mentioned in my last post that u and hira had given the justification of ur part but not arsalan. And by “ppl” i meant those who actually were involved in this “Burger Act”

    @ arsalan

    i can understand ur situation. this time u do not have enough words starting with D! to justify ur self therefore, just trying to skip the discussion….

    theek hai mai mazeed tumhare zakhmoon per namak nahi chirkunga ……. huh!!!!

  11. Abay o…

    Bipasha Basu ki addaon ko taarlo gai! Aur Filmazia kai mazay lai lo gai magar Talking Textures bardasht nahi hota inn sai…


  12. Lol!

    Yaar yeh tou sahi hai magar library mai Sunday magazine jo parain hain, un ka kya?

    Abay yeh chor, Designer’s ki art books jo pari hain un main jo photo’s hain, meray khayaal sai Talking Textures sai buri nahi hain…

    Likan yeh tou sahi hai keh industry main sponsor lana muskil hoga….

  13. @ Billu
    i have written 869 words in my defense…. not many of the start with D! because i don’t intend to make fun of you

    @ D!engue
    interesting choice of the name there… nobody likes teh virus……:D

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