Khushamdeed Taaza logon!

We’ve been saying “Welcome freshmen” for a long time now, but considering that the times have come when we should strive to maintain the Pakistan-iyat of our identity, we’ve decided to welcome you in the good ol’ mother tongue. However, thats about the extent our urdu goes. It’s disgusting- we know- and we’re not proud but hey like everything else, let’s blame it on the Establishment. Down with Evil Capitalistic forces of Evil!

We digress.

This year might be a bit different considering that the number of ‘taaza log’ we have has dropped exponentially, or so the grapevine says. Who knows, this might be a good thing, or it might not. Maybe the newbies will be treated like kings (or queens- both genders), maybe they’re too few to be of any interest…no, newbies are always of interest. they’re like little ducks set free in the Pacific Ocean…Poor little newbies…

But worry not, Quack is on hand to help you get your voice across to the Evil Capitalistic Forces of the Establishment. If you have any complaints, Quack is here! If you have an idea you want to share with the rest of TIPland, Quack will give you the platform! Write for Quack! (Please!)

Khaer… now that the pleading part is over we can get to the real deal. It’s always great seeing new faces in old surroundings, and though it may take time for you to adapt, atleast you’ll know that in a few months you won’t be the new face anymore. You’ll be part of a family of 300 or so people- though like in every family there will be people you hate, can’t stand the smell of, or get irritated by. TIP’s one of those places where everybody really does know your name. If you’re anonymous in TIP then wow…we’d shake your hand and ask your secret. In a small community like this, it’s easy to be famous, infamous or just plain annoying, but it’ll be easier for you since you’re first years. Our eyes are on you anyway.This is your year people; have fun, be stupid, get in trouble, go to Cafe Dost or Hadeed for halwa puri, do handstands in the hallway, do anything at all to prove your existence. After all, you’ve got 3 practically colourless years ahead of you to be boring.

So this is our one and only bit of advice: Enjoy everything while it’s still fresh!

No wait! We’ve got another. WRITE FOR QUACK!

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  1. Loved the first day!! =) the seniors are awesome! =D nothing much tht i expected tho.. Ragging was fun, tho it wasnt that extreme (thank God)

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