Lesson Learned

During my time at TIP so far I’ve often come across the line, “its the management’s fault. They don’t do any thing.” But after a recent encounter that I had with the people in the administration block of our university, I found the case to be exactly the opposite.

Soon after the commencement of the present semester, TIP received an invitation from DOW University of Health Sciences to participate in their inaugural basketball tournament. As captain of TIP’s basketball team, I had the responsibility to shortlist 10 boys, purchase equipment and formalize the travelling arrangements. From what had been drilled into my head about the senior folks here at TIP, I anticipated the process would take too long…… but they didn’t even waste a minute.

We received the email regarding the event late so we only had 2 days to get everything organized. It took one formal request from our President and his immediate approval was like green lights all along a busy road. I approached his office at 3:45 PM on a Friday and was informed that a pay order would be ready by morning the next day related to the match fees and would be taken to DOW. Immediately after, I was to approach the Manager Administration for funds regarding the equipment and by 4 PM that very day, I had Rs. 5000 in my hand to go shopping for my team and TIP’s official flag which could be hoisted in the opening ceremony at the DOW gymnasium. Oh and of course, Sunday night I received a text message from TIP’s official number informing that the shuttle transport would not be available for teachers on Monday, 1st October 2012, in the afternoon… as it was being made available for the team.

Some people might wonder that the current basketball team at TIP is the best we’ve had in a very long time which is why arrangements were made for them without delay. Well… it’s not. We lost both our matches in the tournament and could not proceed beyond the group stages. And for majority of the players, it was their first experience on a wooden basketball court and for some, it was the first tournament of their life! But that’s not even the point. The point is that a handful of students held the desire to play a tournament and represent their institute and for that, they just took one simple step; they approached the President with their desire in a well mannered way. And the “management” approved without any hiccups.

Dear TIPians, TIP may not be host to a thousand students and its calender of extra-curricular events may not be booked every month, but that is no reason for us to criticize the people who are trying to run this institute with a campus way too luxurious for the few students it houses. If YOU think a particular event should be taking place within our campus then…… just do it!

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  1. I agree. The management is not the problem at our institute. I have found that whenever there is a need for approval of an event, an activity or otherwise, the management and staff at TIP are always available, from our President to the guards.
    They reply to emails promptly, provide for whatever is required and assist in every way they possibly can unlike any other institute I have ever come across. As long as the students of TIP are willing.
    Nice article Asad.

  2. Very true….TIP have given us a lot, in return We have done very little for our institute. Our current president, without any doubt is a blessing for us.
    So, How about you boys show some real moves in the next upcoming matches, and bring back home some pride and honor for TIP 😉

    Love the article and the beautiful thought provoked 🙂

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