Letters from Anon, and more.

Here we are, about to launch another very delayed issue of Quack!, paper edition.

Ever wonder why it gets so late? Because the editor in-charge is too lazy to bring out the fortnightly issue every fortnight-or sometimes too busy. Or maybe not. Maybe he’s demotivated because people like to remain unhappy when their expectations remain unfulfilled, yet they get too busy to appreciate a positive effort they always wanted somebody to make, once it it actually happens. And brings results as well.

Don’t you think it’s ironic how people like to keep whining about how things are so bad around their workplace, yet they are always too busy (or unconcerned, or scared) to come forward and try to bring about a change, or at least, support those who try. Be proactive. Take initiative. And support others who do. Don’t try to bring them down with sarcasm and nonconstructive criticism like, ‘tumhe aur koi kaam nahi hai? Harwaqt tasveerain he kheinchtay rehtay ho?’ or, ‘yeh kya tum har waqt noticeboard sahi karte rehte ho!’.

Lots of people don’t appreciate it when people criticize from behind the veil of obscurity. It’s always good to come out into the open to make a point. You should have nothing to be scared of but God, if you believe in Him. If believe you’re right, and you can justify it, no one will trash your opinion, or harm you. Now, the reason I wrote this rather long rant is because I received an anonymous mail recently from someone who wanted to be heard, yet they were scared they might get a warning letter from the management for speaking. I wonder why the management would do something like that since the mail had absolutely nothing wrong or profane in it. Have a read:


To begin with, I would like to mention that I wanted to raise this issue in the session in which dialogue took place b/w faculty and students of TIP. But as the last session was more inclined towards careeer counselling of the students so I didnt speak about this issue.

Looking at the TISF constitution, we find a sentence which says, TISF is and independent students’ body (hahahahahha) . I think, the word “independent” should be omitted from that sentence because it is entirely dependent or we can say it has been a true example of “one-man show” for the past 3 years.

The first TISF, whom we witnessed (President :Ghzanfar Bhai GS :Ather Ali Khan etc.) was a true example of “Independent Students’ Body”. The reason behind this, was the least involvemnet of “TISF COORDINATOR” in students activities.

We had excellent quality events like Overnight Carnival, BBQ night, Movie Night, Night Matches, Excellent Annual Dinner, Picnics (yess pincicSSS) etc.

Whenever we ask those TISF members that how did u make your TISF a successful students’ body. They always give a single sentenced answer and that is “BHAI HAMARE KAAM MAIN KOI TAANG ARAANAY WALA NAHI HOTA THA , JO STUDNETS CHAHTE THAY WOH HEE HOTA THAA”

But now if we ask for a microphone for doing commentary in the cricket match, we will have to folllow the following route :

The objective of this article is not to offend anyone, but just to make TISF (our very own students’ body) efficient and independent.

  • TISF COORDINATOR WILL PROOF-READ IT. (You will have to re -write an application if a    single mistake is found)
  • THE APPLICATION WILL BE THEN APPROVED BY ACADEMIC COORDINATOR. (who should have no link with the students’ body).

I would just like to say that the job responsibilty of a “TISF COORDIANTOR” is to coordinate, not to dictate. Last TISF, wanted to arrange a picnic but it was cancelled by saying that the budget for “events” is limited and TISF could not afford a picnic.

In addition to this, I would also like to mention that the last TISF had Rs. 70,000  left in their account when they completed their tenure.

Now question arises in one’s mind. Where did that 70,000 go ??? So listen, this time TISF coordinator is investing 70,000 bucks on washroom for sports area. ( remember we could have organise a real good picnic in those 70000 rupees)

You can do a polling and ask students that how many of them wanted wash room for sports area and how many of them wanted to go on a picnic ??? … ( u can evaluate a decision if u r intelligent and a TIPIAN)

And no other university of the world develops its infrastructure on the expense of studnets’ body fund.

Number of good steps has also been taken like buying a fuss-ball game, pool table, etc. But has anyone seen a single student using a tread mill or other gym equipment which had been bought by the last tisf (it was not a majority decision, i must say)

It is my humble request to our President, Dr. Zubair Bandukda to introduce adhocracy system to make TISF more influential and efficient. There should be no TISF coordinator, There must an event coordinator who should be selected by the TISF member for their assistance before every event.

Here’s the point. TIP could actually use people like him/her. People who think they they are gutsy enough to raise their voice and present solutions. But not people who are scared to speak out when there’s need to justify themselves after they’ve just made an anonymous statement. Take an example of Quack! Online. We discourage anonymous postings, yet we try give every lone voice that reaches out to us a microphone and direction through this platform. It’s our duty as a responsible and proactive team to do so.

It’s time to realize the importance of what you have in hand.

Quack! online has been around for half a decade, and now it needs new people who C.A.R.E, to take responsibility, take over, and run it for the next half of the decade, and beyond.

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11 Replies to “Letters from Anon, and more.”

  1. Gutsy people usually shut up when anonymous or pseudonym-using people start insulting them or mocking them on this very platform.

    But valid points of Anonymous dude here. It’s such a pain getting anything done that a lot of times people just say “forget it, who has the time.” I wouldn’t say that it’s a good idea to not have a TISF coordinator; rather the whole process of getting things done should be made simpler.

  2. One day will cum when the dream of the architect of TIP of building Faculty Residence will cum true, if they continue the construction work with the money of TISF

  3. well!!….in last student faculty dialogue i rais e dis mic issue to Mr Umair Saeed so he said ” aap ka lakhoo ka budget ha aik 250rs ka mic nahi lai saktay…..har saal itna budget kharch nahi hota” n i was lyk sir ka agar extra mic parha huwa ha tu issue karnay main kia prob ha!!…….khair!!..i also agree to som extent tht TISF doesnt need any coordinator!!…but it does need a person who can guide this body widout interupting dere plans and can look after its members performance!!……..and ya its ridiculous tht wash room of sports room are constructed frm TISF budget!!….waisay meray khiyal sa kal ko lake ki safai ka lia bhi TISF ka pasiay chaiya hongay!!….lolz!!

  4. I do not know where people are getting there info from?? there has been not an issue raised regarding washrooms being built using the TISF budget, any form of construction on TIP grounds require prior approval from the BOG and their resources are definitely not restricted to the TISF budget. So with this point we can render such a point invalid. considering the point of applications being required to be approved i guess is not an issue if you look at it, there needs to be proper documentation of everything issued… as i can recall the last time the TIMF people let their stuff out for a performance someone vandalized it so it is nice that everything is accounted for under the name of people getting it issued. There are also a lot of other points that i would like to address but this post of mine ain’t getting any shorter so i would just like to wrap it up here but i would like to state that it is nice to have someone speak out but in order to make a strong impression we need to get our facts right so we have some ground to stand on.

  5. @ saad ashraf
    the auhtor must have heard this info. from any realiable source … otherwise he would ve not written without being verified ..
    and if , for instance, the info. is wrong then where did that remaining amount go ? i think the question which has been raised by the anonymous author should be answered …
    i think we should wait and watch 🙂

  6. a reliable source hmmm… well i guess i can be considered one as well now can i not?? after all I am a member of the TISF. About the amount that went missing, well i can tell you one thing about the amount that was saved got taken back by the TIP management simply on the terms that it was the part of the amount that TIP matches to the amount the student pays and as it was not spent so they took it back.

  7. @ saad ashraf
    ohh u have made clear and helped us understand wat this dude has tried to depict in his letter …

    “amount that was saved got taken back by the TIP management”

    i know that TIP gives a handsome amount of money to the TISF for students’ activities and they have complete right to take their money back, if TISF is not making use of that amount .. BUT
    this money shouldve been utilized on activities which students wanted to see (rather than giving back in TIPs account).. … for last year’s TISF that 70,000 rupess simply got wasted … WAT DO U SAY?

  8. yeah it simply got wasted, we tried to get this transferred to our accounts but this is the reply we got… technicalities what can you do. The last TISF did get much accomplished with the stuff for the music room and the sports room… but with all the activities that also took place due to teachers handing out assignments on event management I guess this amount got saved and only for the purpose that it would get transferred to the next TISF but alas what can we say about rules and technicalities set by the management, they simply got the best of us.

  9. I would disagree with this anonymous guy. The point he raised about not having a TISF coordinator is not appropriate. It is very necessary to have a faculty coordinator since without them, TISF can never work properly. For me, we still are not in a position to have a “coordinator free TISF”.

    Regarding the issue about the indepedent working of TISF; beleive me it’s independant rather it is much more independent now. Secondly, there is no issue of autocratic type leaderaship in TISF and everybody’s voice is heard and acknowledged. A student is only stopped from any event when the event/idea seems to be very dull and illogical. As far as the application procedure is cocerned, beleive me it is the very correct procedure and it is still a very simple process.

    What students forgot every time that TISF is not only for the elected body. It is a student body, by the students and for the students. It will only perform better when students will start taking personal interest in making it better. Everybody’s own TISF and every student is a part of it.

    Note: I am not fabricating my words not I am a member of TISF. Whatever I am saying is based upon my experience.

  10. I do agree wid da anonymous author dat Bearucracy in TIP is deeply rooted where Co-ordination is just the word and the act behind it is Dictation…..I don’t know what is going to happen when the responsible person reads my comment but when it comes to the truth i never hesitate to speak out loud……….The current TISF has made me the Sports Committe Head and from the 1st initiative i have been facing great problems………Firstly when i came 2 know dat i m given this post the sports schedule of internal and external events alongwith the budget was decided. I had sum better ideas but as it was decided it could not be changed(Baeurocracy)……Moreover this time our hardball team expenses have been raised that’s great really………But during making the budget the decided amount of money that will be spent on other students is really very low. Moreover literally i feel like begging in front of TISF coordinator in order to convince him for sumthing to be done for the students.
    Greater the problems i face makes me stronger i have a very strong will that i will do sumthing for the students INSHALLAH.Even if conditions go against me………

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