Life At TIP

It has been 4 weeks since the start of our startling life at TIP. For me life has taken a dramatic and extremely sharp turn, resulting in a lot of astonishing and unforeseen happenings around us. When I first stepped into the brown bricked building of TIP and saw the lake and the lawn, I was like gosh, what a real heaven on earth, but as time passed by I gradually started to realize that there is a great deal of darker side to things at TIP. I don’t mean to point at something or somebody, but literally speaking, the second part of the picture is revealed after quite sometime. I have met some really nice and supportive people as well as some really nasty and self-centered ones. But to be very honest, that’s the way in the walk of life, you get to meet different kinds of people, but it do help you to cope up with almost anyone, it makes you learn how to manage situations and how to deal with good and bad people.

Anyway, I don’t really mean to sound like I am having a bad time or something, no not at all, I think my decision for coming to TIP was one of the best decisions I ever took in my life because the kind of exposure we are getting here might not be possible anywhere else, and to speak about the faculty, they are literally very good, they are experienced and skilled in their respective fields and have the right amount of proficiency. It’s just that we all need some time to get used to things that are normally not part of our lives previously.

I have made some really great and terrific friends. We all have become really close and attached to each other, as if we know everyone from ages. Friendship, no doubt is the most beautiful relationship that could ever exists, it has all the power and potency to make your existence worthwhile, that actually makes you realize that yes life is exquisite. Friendship is one emotion that would actually stick with you forever, making your life better and better with every single step you take, giving you audacity, endurance and courage to prove yourself in front of the world.

Anyway, life at TIP is not really appalling after all; there is loads of fun and entertainment here, so I guess we won’t be bored. In fact I think this is just the start of an extremely fast paced roller coaster ride that would actually make our throats go sore from screaming. I just hope (fingers crossed) that the ride is worth having and that we all end up as good human beings, with the potential to bring a change in our lives as well as in the lives of others. And also that others look up at us as role models and people of substance.

I hope that the freshies have the valor to endure whatever is up for us; my prayers are with the seniors (fourth years) for utilizing and employing what they have learned from TIP and for the sophos and the juniors (second and third years) hmmmmmm, I don’t have much to say for you guys : )

Remember that we all are worthwhile and that we all possess the power to bring a change in our lives.

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  1. Hopeful….
    Haven’t seen this this type of optimism since I was a freshman! 😛
    Love the star of David though!

  2. Resplendent article amna the way you have translate your feelings into words it seems like that you carry a feeling translater with you all the time lolz. very well written MASALLAH

    just dont loose this optimism and keep up the good work.

  3. You’ll need to continue feeling like this throughout the next 3 years. Good luck and continue having fun! That’s what first year is for!

  4. Very few people in this world are found satisfied with the things around them…A good beginning makes a good end and for you its a good keep it up and keep writting for Quack!….we have got a new writer too early as our expectations…gud writing..!

  5. Lets not forget that to really get your writing noticed, you should have it in print!
    Write for you Institutes magazine, Talking Texture! 🙂
    (I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Help it!)

  6. meray TIP k din kitnay achay thay din …. aaj bethay bithay kyun yaad aagaey ………
    yaaaaaar carnival jaldi arrange kero ..

  7. well amna it sure is going to be a roller coaster ride…..let’s hope it is thrilling and exciting till the end……minus the itsy bitsy bumps here and there…..

  8. well 1st tym eva dat am commentin sum1…yr it’s gud to c u on quack..but as far as ur articles is concern “tm hari sooch hei” its marvelous sumhow loooza…gud goin

  9. ali hakeem first yrs to chahh gyayy hain is dafa tha kar k, set buttering yaar, sya welcome to MR…..public school 1st yrs;)

  10. Roller coeaster ride…! time will tell u abt your proffecient teachers n …lets hope for the very good for u:)

  11. hey amna found your article very interesting, i enjoyed reading it, after a long time you remind me of my frist which was not as interesting and trilling as your is but, it was some experience which i cant never forget thank you for helping me to recall my past.

    as far as this ali kazmi is concern dont pay attention to his comment.he is just trying to deliver his resentment to others so,wht eva he said about the teachers.its not going to happen like that so dont worry make sure as long as you are in tip you make this time best out of it, as you already have so, best of luck. may the optimism be with you.

    in the end all i can say

  12. Ali kazmi stop wasting your time with hate and regret please.

    its an old saying,
    “don’t grieve over the past, for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering”

  13. add this to your saying” but to share your experience, with the one’s u care for, this might not bring those grieveinces to the present ones and mayhelp them in future too….”
    n kindly try reading every bit of word carefully,there wasnt any regret or hate mentioned in my comment…

  14. it is not necessary at all that every bit of word should mention about your hate or regret.

    there is word known as speculation right and one could easily speculate your resentment hidden in that sentence of yours specially after that dis pleasing and appalling article of yours for tip.

  15. @ Mr.Rebuttal

    For a person who’s too cowardly to use his own name, you sure have a habit of getting on people’s nerves.

    Wasn’t there a rule on Quack about anonymous comments?

  16. first of all thanks for giving my name such respect that m and r is in capital letters

    secondly why you always go in places where you are not invited. i mean from where the hell did you drop in uh though you are not welcome here so, just shut up will u cause right now you are getting on my nerves get it. stop interefering in people affairs. its between me and ali kazeem so stay out of it censorious person.

    besides i didnt say anything bad to him.

  17. Yeah, Hira, as per the rule, we don’t take them seriously, and make fun of their cowardice if we’re really bored.

    I think I’m having visions of great St. F* ul Hasan getting reborn. gross.

  18. ah mr rebutal uncle tell us why u r so bitter all the time? always wanting to bite neone who walks past u lolx. is it true wht i hear abt u? did your distant uncle really did nasty things to u in urs childhood tht left u all bitter cold n grouchy? lolxx

    oye mehdi ur alwyz welcome here n to tip. we miss u man!

  19. Hez cross all the time cz its not his fault…asim has kept him n his cage for years:D…
    thanks neemz…who’r u in real?

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