Lip Dub – Work in Progress

This semester came about with a number of interesting changes that most people until now seem to enjoy and didn’t claim that they are bored and  there is nothing happening at TIP. Well, except for some who are really fond of the Library and the Computer Lab, everybody seems to be active one way or another. Apart from academics, activities of TISF and the usual happenings at mostly occupied spots of the campus, there are consecutively held sessions of TIPtalk, innovation to utilize free TISF slots by TiESConnect, private parties by the Design Department and the Cricket Tournament ongoing nowadays. A fresh new addition to this list of activities is the upcoming TIP’s very own Lip Dub.

It all began a month ago when two enthusiastic young students Komal Musufa Memon and Maha Abdullah conceived the idea that TIP should also have a Lip Dub video which should be a proper representation of the university nationally and worldwide. Their idea faced several hurdles but eventually spread among the concerned people of the institute. A demo team of sensible students based on their skills required in the making of this video were being held in contact so that a draft should be constructed and followed later on.

The trend of such Lip Dub videos being shot at different institutes has been followed by many popular universities internationally but only a couple of institutes followed this trend here in Pakistan till date. So, TIP allowed the students their full access and control over the making of this video to learn teamwork, experience preforming in different conditions and gain exposure for hidden talents and skills that the students hold dear to themselves due to lack of confidence.

So, the work is officially in progress. All we require is support from each and every student of this institute to own this activity and readily participate as much as possible for the success of this project. All you need to do is submit the duly filled sign-up form available from the designated students for further processing and assigning of duties for the shoot. For further queries, connect to us on