Literacy Drive 2008

Textile Institute of Pakistan is a group of very diverse people, coming from various backgrounds, to acquire education in that far from the city of Karachi. And we as students have always nourished a common soft spot in our hearts for those kids, who don’t get a chance to study, and the ones who get a chance but cant utilize it due to lack of resources.

One such institute is a school at Ghagar village near our institute, as Government Secondary School at Ghagar village. We thought of a literacy drive where we collected few books from our institute and our colleagues wholeheartedly contributed in the cause, as I said that we nourish a common soft spot for those kids who get a chance but cant make most of it due to lack of resources, we thought of helping those kids.

Our team comprised of me, i.e. Mohsin Madad Ali, Rahim Jindani, Ahmed A. Rehman, and Ibad-ul-Islam. We went to the school and met with the authorities and kids and tried to figure there needs what do they want, and we discovered some shocking realities for a school. We found that the school lacked funding from government, the electricity problem there is at its peak, the kids said that they study most of the time without electricity. The problem for the shortage of teachers is very high, since the school is out of the city and necessities of life are quite rare, so the teachers who come here gets transferred within sometime, somewhere near the city. Due to this reason kids have to suffer a lot.

These problems of the school are taken care of by the headmaster of the school, in this case it was Mr. Mir Zulfiqar, who not only openly shared his problems with us, but also guided us in our visit at his school.
The headmaster and his staff were very cooperative with us in this short trip, they briefed us on the thick and thins of the management they were doing and the solutions that they were coming up with for solving the problems.

The children were very happy to see us in their school and they welcomed us very warmly and appreciated our efforts that we had put in for the cause, they were suffering from a very hectic period of their life, with the minimum number of teachers around and with examination and tests going on, they needed something to study from, books that could guide them in the harsh time that they were going through.

The school was already equipped with library and computer center, but the students were not able to make use of it, due to several problems, like human resource and power problems. But they were quite glad to see that people are taking care of them, if not pampering them, than they are at least giving them the support that they required for getting a competent education.

We all are very well aware that these pressure moments create a diamond and perhaps who knows that we are nourishing diamonds today. One of these students will do wonder in the future.

The amount of books that we donated was not that huge that we though we would give but we donated approximately 50 books and we had collected around 75 books, that included books of general knowledge, fictitious books, science fiction, in both, English and the Urdu language. We also collected some of the course books like books of Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat, Geography, History, Chemistry, Biology, etc.

In the end I would only like to say that this was once again a never forgetting experience for me, because it gave me a chance to remember once again that how blessed I am, and I was too get or rather I should say spoon fed, whatever I demanded for. And I can surely say that these people are doing a wonderful job in keeping the school at Ghagar village alive, by all the efforts that they are putting it.

For this effort I would thank my team, my colleagues at the club and at the university, to make this drive successful.

Mohsin Madad Ali,
Dir. Community Service,