Lookin for a Job?

A company needs one or two girls to represent their company at a stall at ITIF at the expo centre. They will get paid and it will even help them to gain good contacts, which will be helpful in their lateral professional lives.

Please contact:
Rabya Shah

9 Replies to “Lookin for a Job?”

  1. y do u ppl have to say all these tings?? i mean wht do u wanna show? is there some kinda honor or dignity it? or u wanna let ppl see how vulgar u r? or u wanna let ppl see k man u r so brave tht u say all these tings n its no big deal for u sayin all this crap on the online quack????

  2. Saad..koi baat nahi dost..when you do some gud work there are always people who come in the way ..making fun of you..try to let you down..make you think you are a fool..who ever this guy is..he dint have the gutts to even right his name and let the world know abt his true identity..the simple fomula for such people is sheer ignorance..delete such comments from QUACK immedietely you see them..cuz..at convo i met some really decent people who visit quack..though they ont contribute..but they visit and they know wats happening..agar aese comments atay rahay and you allow printed on the site..people like them will cease coming here and this site will only be a forum to abuse each other…

  3. well said kashif bhai, most of the silent readers have already stopped visiting the sight, i usually dont post comments here, just read them, but this one made me do it.

  4. Thanx or appreciation ka koi faeda nahi hua miaan..the comment of KOOL is still there..and if you wud have been sensible..you wud have deleted Rabya’s contact # from there and put yr own or Saboor’s..you know TIPians..number note ker ke baant dengay yeh keh ker “mamay bohat tight bachi hai, tu bhi fone ker or humain bata result kiya hua”..and i bet after listing the fone number on the site..bechari rabya wud have been getting alot of calls..cuz as far as I remember its not only the TIPians but also the poeple around the web who visit the site


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