Love and its kinds…

Its this love that amazes me constantly by its sheer power to alter and define our lives. Shakespeare said, “Love is truly blind.”, and I believe, it truly is. For most of the people love is not defined. Its a feeling that can save everyone from the pains and miseries.

I have found four kinds of love in my life.

The first,  being one  in which love inexplicably fades. It happens when you don’t trust your relationships any more or in cases where one doesn’t get in return what he expects. Its more of a love which always needs a push from others around or requires from the other soul mate of your life but in turn you don’t get it. Thus this first category of love is always asking in return for what it does.

The second love is the love where your love is lost in memories. The one in which you realize your loves importance quite late when it has gone quite far from your reach and you are left with nothing but just their memories of it. The sorrows and pain in this love are to such an extent that one loses hope to live his life any more.

The third category of love is very innocent and tries to live in life by finding love in small moments around. Just because thy do not wants to let him self die with thy sweet and sorrow memories of past. Thy live their life wishing that those small moments through which one cherishes his life will some day become a part of life for his loved ones and for this cause he lives in the search for it to make moments happier for himself and other happy each day.

The fourth kind of love is the most cruelest kind of love. It is the one sided love in which one life is in the hands of the other. He is more like a puppet who dances on the foot steps of the other. It is this love that kills its victim and is called unrequited love. Where by you don’t get any kindness in return. Your life is helpless. Its more like the loved ones have cursed you. Its like you can see and be with your love around but still you cannot have it. Its the most painful est kind of love.

“Journey ends in lovers meeting”,as said by Shakespeare and true it is weather it be our attainment for our soul mates of life or it be our journey for the other world love. We search and search until the lasts of our breaths to find that true essence of love and this is how our lives our…..

So try figuring out where your journey ends….

4 Replies to “Love and its kinds…”

  1. i like ur article rahim…..but seriously nobody in dis world today know da real meaning of love, its either consider a stupid notion or a mere reason to ruin ur life. for sum its just abt sacrifice and for sum its abt discovering ur self.

  2. Rahim, I am happy that you still feels what most of the world has forgotten. For me, your 4 kinds of love are not kinds. Love is love and it has no kinds rather these are the different stages or ways people used to love each other.

    It can one sided or two sided, it can be for a living person or for the past memories…it all varies in different situations. Good piece of writting though and I again appreciate your intensity of thoughts.

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