Pakistan is passing through a very critical situation these days, whereever we look; we find sad and tensed faces. Pakistan’s real beauty and a better side have totally gone out of the world’s vision.

It is time for a change, a time to specify the positive image of Pakistan.Azme Alishan has thought about it for sure. After a national song competition, a cleanup drive, and even school activation with Faisal Qureshi, Azme Alishan is on its way for another big project ‘Manzare Pakistan’.

‘Manzare Pakistan’ is the name of the blog, created for the people to share their tributes, experiences and good stories about Pakistan. This project will also allow people to express their creativity. Bloggers can post anything they like about Pakistan, from music video, poetry, photography to the photographs and stories from the times of their grandparents, people can post anything positive about Pakistan.

It is a great step towards bringing back the lost positive image of Pakistan around the Globe. Let us be an active part of ‘Manzare Pakistan’ and show the true and beautiful Manzar of Pakistan to the whole world.