One day, Birbal, King Akbar’s adviser and a famous philosopher of his time, was found wandering around in the market place of India with a lighted lantern in broad day light. He seemed to be looking for something, he had lost. People asked him what he was looking for, he said, “I am looking for an HONEST MAN, but I can’t find one.”untitled

Most of the people went away laughing, as it was joke. But some must have given it a thought what the old man meant. His act was meant to teach people a lesson that every nation must learn, especially ours, it is not wealth, that makes people great, but it’s their honesty; not money but character. A nation, having great wealth and strong army, however cannot produce “HONEST MAN”, is doomed.

Sometimes you might see this notice hanging outside a factory or a shop, MEN WANTED. Every nation has it displayed, for those who have eyes to see it. For what a nation need the most – honest men, true men, brave men. To become an all-round man, one must develop all sides of one’s nature physical, intellectual, spiritual. To be at good health is important, development of one’s mind is more important, but the most important part of all is the spiritual and the moral building of one’s nature.

A man with fine physique is mere animal. A man has fine intellect, but of vicious character, is a monster. But a good man is God’s noblest creation, character is all important, and character is the only thing that will last.