Mismanagement of TIP

I recently went through an article on Chowk, “LUMS — Lahore University of mis-Management Sciences“. Surprisingly, most of what is written about the mis-management at LUMS is also true for TIP.

bq. “The modest infra-structure and the resources of the university are barely enough to support the current a population.”
» LUMS — Lahore University of mis-Management Sciences

The shift to the new boy’s hostel (previously the girls) was intended to increase the number of rooms. With 44 rooms in total for the boy’s hostel, and an average of 80 students staying on campus during the week, the accommodation is severely limited – but still not as bad as LUMS, where they put three to a room designed for two.

The hostel rooms, designed for double occupancy, are barely enough for one. The space is inadequate for two people, causing extreme inconvenience. And to add salt to the wounds, whenever you have a heavy course load with many assignments due, you cannot get a room in the hostel as the rooms are fully booked. Even if you do find some one willing to have you as the third person in the hostel, you can easily say goodbye to your assignments, because of the overflow of people in your room.

We have just 8 class rooms and 2 lecture rooms! The administration is building 4 new classrooms, two in the Wet Processing Lab and two in the Gym. What seems to be really striking from outside is actually very poorly planned from within. Classrooms are so small that you can’t conduct a class of more than 25-30 students in each room. Our auditorium (it’s actually a lecture theater to accommodate 300, and is being temporarily used as an auditorium until the real one is built next to the Student Center – Editor) is so small that our freshmen class of 130 can barely fit in it, as seen on orientation day. The auditorium was jam packed during a recent movie show. What would you expect in the coming years?

TIP promises to make all measures to transform itself into a ‘modern’ university. On the other hand, the issue of gymnasium is still under consideration, they never had enough funds for it. However, the gymnasium area proved to be quite useful in the recent badminton tournament. I guess everyone knows how the tournament actually progressed there. And to top that all, the cafeteria was used for practice!

The Teacher Assistant (TA) program is the most commendable step taken by the administration. However, most of them are appointed on the basis of “TC” and than on talent. All the applications of Second Year students were turned down, except for the librarian, computer lab, and reprography assistants. Are the second years only good for that? A recent rumor left me in a great shock; a third year student was appointed TA for the same year!

Another extraordinary step taken by the administration is that they have recently abolished n-1 rule, which was the only mean of survival for students like me. Here is what a recent article by Waqas Sultan said:

bq. “Students, especially the senior years, are afraid the abolishment of the (n-1) rule will bring down their already low grades. Students on probation are really feeling the pressure, and the first hourlies this semester did not help bring up their confidence.”


bq.. “And now comes the best part of the nightmare. Knowing all of the above, the LUMS administration can justify all of the above and does so without a hint of embarrassment.”

“Quality is the reason parents are willing to bear the relatively higher cost of education here.”

“If things progress in the way they are, it won�t be long when LUMS would serve as a substitute to the current government institutions.”

» LUMS — Lahore University of mis-Management Sciences

Is TIP adopting LUMS’ new slogan “Say Bye to Quality”?

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  1. looks like this artical is written by a very passamist person . the situation in lums certainly is not that bad and if it is then TIP is……..fabulous

  2. Surprisingly, half of what is written in this article is also written in the LUMS article. I suggest you read that one instead.

  3. abid,THIS IS BCOZ,half of what is true for LUMS,was surprisingly found true for TIP aswell….you need to read the first few lines (carefully) again,with your spectacles on….

  4. **********Well i havent noted and mis management in the TIP.well just discussing the quality of education its best .************

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