Mission: TIP Spring Cleaning, Status: Successful!

Picture(99) (Custom).jpgAs per plans, TIP spring cleaning was carried out with great zeal and vigour. A team of about 30 students (mainly freshmen) led by Ms.Shameem Noorani went around the campus picking up trash that others very conviniently litter despite the presence of trashcans everywhere.Picture(100) (Custom).jpg

The reason why the turnout of volunteers was low was because it was the last working day so student attendance was little. Many students had exams so they could not participate either. However, the sad part was that none of the faculty members except one, or any other employee turned up; not even the president, who could have taken out a minute or two to just laud the efforts of people who C.A.R.E. Despite these disappointments, they went out, did what they had to, and plan to do it every year from now onwards.

Spring Cleaning Garbage (Custom).jpgForgetting the disappointing part, one would consider this drive a success. One hopes that next year, all teachers and students who consider cleaning their own litter below their dignity would change their minds and turn up so as to play their part in trying to set an example for the rest!

2 Replies to “Mission: TIP Spring Cleaning, Status: Successful!”

  1. Nice to know about this so-called mission 🙂

    Although there was only one teacher heading the whole mission, we cannot blame the teachers for this, because there were also very less number of students to support her.

  2. Shamim Madam s outfit was weird.And the hat was ridicilious.She needs to have some conformist dress sense fitting to her age and also the norms of TIP.

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